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Extra! Extra!

A Chrystal Chandelier Contra Dance!
Maple Leafs Regroup, the 33rd annual IAGSDC Square Dance Convention, invites you to the Royal York Hotel's fabulous ballroom for a contra dance.

When: Saturday July 2, 2016 (8:00 - 10:30 pm)
Where: 100 Front Street W., Toronto (Royal York Hotel)
Price: $10 !!!
Everyone Welcome!

Callers: Bev Bernbaum, Kris Jensen, Andy Shore
Band: Anne Lederman, Tom Leighton, Ian Bell

For more information, see the printable flyer here.

Next Dance!

Saturday May 28, 2016

Contra Dance:
Basics class:   7:00 - 7:30 pm
Evening dance:   7:30 - 10:30 pm

Caller: Cathy Campbell (Toronto) is a beloved TCD member and past-president, as well as a multi-talented musician and caller. On Fridays she leads English Country dances for the Toronto ECD Assembly. Tonight she will show us a rollicking good time through contra dance!

Band: Karen Reed (fiddle) and Jake Butineau (keyboards),
from Kitchener/Waterloo

Karen is a former North American Women's Open Champion fiddler. You can hear samples of her beautiful sound on her website, linked above. Accompanist Jake Butineau is the son of renowned Ottawa Valley fiddler and step dancer, Cindy Thompson, and comes well versed in the repertoire of central Ontario and eastern Canada.

We are a contra dance community who loves getting together for evenings of great music, great dancing, and great fun. Contra dance is a traditional dance style similar to square dancing. We dance to live music, and a caller leads us through the steps of each dance. The music comes from the Scots-Irish and French Canadian traditions, but is often played with a modern twist.

If you are not familiar with contra dancing, we invite you to watch these videos to get a sense of the dance, the music, and the community.

Everyone is welcome! Singles, couples, families, LGBTQ friendly. We welcome new dancers of all ages, quite literally with open arms!

If you can walk, you can contra dance! No experience required. We always offer a free Basics Class from 7:00 - 7:30 pm, and each dance is taught before it is danced. We change partners between each dance, and you will find that experienced dancers seek out new ones to help them along.


Please Come Dance with Us

Every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday evening, from September through mid-June. Regular evening dances are held 7:30 - 10:30 pm, with a Basics Class at 7:00 pm. We sometimes add an advanced level dance from 2:00 - 5:00 pm. See our schedule for details (fall, spring).

St. Barnabas Anglican Church Hall, 175 Hampton Avenue, near Chester subway station (detailed directions). There is municipal parking and street parking nearby. If you are driving from farther away, you may be interested in MTO traveller information (road closures, traffic cameras, etc).

Regular admission: $12
Student admission: $10
Members (including student members): $2 discount
Children (12 and under): free
Receive a Second Dance Free card on your first visit.

Shoes, clothing, fragrances:
St. Barnabas has asked us to respect their shoe policy, which is that no street shoes are worn in the gym. Please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into. Any wide-heeled, soft-soled shoes are fine. More details.

Dress casually and comfortably, keeping in mind that it gets quite warm in the dance hall – even in winter. Skirts, shorts, and jeans are all common.

We ask you to refrain from wearing scented products, in consideration of fellow dancers who may be allergic to them. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Re-usable cups:
We provide water throughout our events and free cider at the break. Please help us reduce our environmental impact by bringing your own cup or water bottle.