Borough of Readfah Holm

Up until recently, the Canton of Distant Shore also included Colchester and Cumberland Counties. However, due to a significant increase in the membership in the Truro and Great Village areas, it was decided that the Canton of Distant Shore should split and form a new group. As a result, a proto-incipient group (informally referred to as a 'Borough') has been formed to include the members that reside in Colchester and Cumberland Counties. Once the new group (the Borough of Readfah Holm - Old English for "red-stained sea") has their name and armoury passed by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, they will be able to petition the East Kingdom to become an Incipient Canton, the first step in becoming a recognized group in the SCA.

The new Borough has formed an unoffical Curia and are now working on the details to become an Incipient Canton. The members of the existing Canton (Distant Shore) are fully in support of the formation of the new group and will act as the sponsoring group until the Borough of Readfah Holm becomes an official group on its own. Contact information for the new group is listed below.

Seneschal - Mistress Elizabeth Darnley
Sarah Paterson 668-2985

Herald - Lord D'Unstable Peregrinator
George Cochrane 669-0055

Knight Marshal - Sir Yesungge Altan
Mike Burnett 668-2985

Exchequer - Lord Percival Gower Esq.
Kevin Golemiec 883-7973

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Katrazyne Zelka
Christie Kaulback 897-4949