Elections 2013

During March and April many transitions will be taking place in Nordenhal. Following a call for elections from populace it was voted upon and decided that persons seeking office would submit letters of intent. If more than one person was desirous of an office that would result in an election.

Two people are running for the position of Seneschal/e

Seraq, Barok's Penance mka: Michael Melahn

Cateline la Broderesse mka: Jennifer Guyton

Email addresses are provided for any questions for the candidates. Election will be held on 10 April, 2013 at the regularly scheduled business meeting. It was decided at the meeting that there is no need for a secret vote. For folks that are not able to attend on the election day, absentee votes will be allowed. To submit an absentee vote write your SCA name, mundane name and address on a piece of paper and mail it to my address or hand it to me in person:

Chris Larsson
119 Sheryl St
Hurley NY 12443

Obviously clearly indicate which of the candidates you are voting for.

To be eligible to vote you must be 16 or older and be at least a little active in the SCA. (Please, don't go recruiting neighbors and parents!!!!) SCA membership is not required.

Any questions on the voting process, please contact Hrelgar.

Visit the officers page for details on the transitions of the other officers.

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