~at the sign of the~ Dancing Fox

February 2nd, 2013

Hosted by Shire of Nordenhalle - Kingston, NY

Event Last Modified: January 15th, 2013

Look!  The Worlde did not End!  This mean we can have Dancing Fox XV!

What? You thought the world would end and therefore spent all your money? Not to worry!  Our event is donation only....

Plus we will be raffling off another of Mistress Brigitte's glorious hand made quilts!  This year the winner will have a choice of any ONE of the following three quilts.  (This way you can match your decor more closely!)


Quilt chances are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Make checks payable to SCA-NY,Inc.- Shire of Nordenhal and send them to Brigitte (address below)

Dancing to the music of the Bhakaili Branslers!
Faux Fox Fashion Fun!
Dayboard by Tiberius N.  Maximus

NB:  The site is bone dry.

Brigitte has issued her dessert challenge!  Entrants should bring a dessert (or desserts, you may enter more than one category) to fit into:

Foxes:  Foxes know a little about a lot of things.  They are also tricksters, so entries in this category with less than authoritative documentation, and perhaps not fit into a particular period of the Middle Ages or Renaissance.
Hedgehogs:  Hedgehogs know a lot about one thing.  These entries will be held to a higher degree of scrutiny, and should have full documentation and come from a particular period of the Middle Ages or Renaissance.

Brigitte and her panel of judges will sample all entries, but desserts will be shared by all guests of the event!  Questions may be directed to Brigitte (as listed below.)

Yes, for those who like to fabricate fancy finery, a faux fox will be provided along with fabric of all types, and you will get to design period garb for your fox and enter a fashion show at the end of the day.  (You may bring your own fabric, etc.) We are asking that, should you desire for you new friend to go home with you, we hope you will make a $10 donation to help defray the cost of supplying stuffies.  The winner will get a special surprise from the autocrat!

The Ultimate Proposal Game:
Awards for sincerity, originality, humor, guilt, and oratory.  (proposals made during the contest shall be deemed non-binding.)

A&S display/competition:
Categories will be:  food, foxes, fortuna.  All entries shall be judged, with bonus points for those which fall into the categories, or which tickle the autocrats bizarre sense of humor.  (Cross entries allowed.)

Site Opens: 10 am (9 am for merchant set up)
Site Closes: 10 PM-ish

Event Location

Church of the Comforter Fellowship Hall
Wynkoop Place
Kingston, NY 12401

Event Fees

Site : This will be a donation only event. 
Feast: This will be a donation only event. 
To assure your spot on board, or to accommodate any food allergies? Please SNAIL MAIL your reservation information to Brigitte not later than 15 January, 2013
Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc - Shire of Nordenhal

Event Steward:
Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
Pam Parisi
64 South Manor Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401-3514
Please note that my husband is a day sleeper, so email is greatly preferred:  845-331-0560 (10 am to 10 PM)

Send Reservations to:
Mistress Brigitte Flamin
Christine Larsson
119 Sheryl Street
Hurley, NY 12443
NB:  Only a snail mailed reservation is assured
845-331-3890 (10 am to 10 PM)

Other Contact Information:
Contact the Autocrat to volunteer to help!

Merchants are welcome!
Space must be reserved via snail or email not later than 15 January, 2013 at $10 per table space. 

There will be no accommodation of merchants who show up at the door the day of the event with out prior notice.  We are very sorry for this, but must be firm.