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Ron Cumming en-route to braking the outright lap record at the Knockhill racing circuit in Fife in May 96.


Creating HTML Dialogs in Borland Delphi
A short paper describing how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Dialog technology with Delphi.

Current Personal Projects

Delphi Windows95 Shell Extensions and COM servers
The aim of this project is to write a Windows 95 Property Page Shell Extension using only Delphi 2.0. I have the current source available for download. I should have an article/white paper describing how it all works within the next,erm, month or so.
Digital Tachometer
My latest project is to build a Digital Tachometer using a PIC microcontroller. I'm currently rehacking the software to be fully interrupt driven. The project is based on a design in Everyday Electronics.
Racecar Datalogger
At the moment this is just a bunch of ideas...I'm hoping to build a flexible, fast and cheap datalogger for racing cars(like the one above) principally for the car below.
***Stop Press*** I now have a Motorola Coldfire SBC5206 evaluation board! Pick up the latest binary of GCC for Win95/NT on my new ColdFire development page.
Formula Ford 1600 racing car
I'm currently designing a FF1600 racing car which I hope to run in the Scottish Motor Racing Club Scottish series in the 1998 season(glup - so near yet so far!) If you're interested in finding out more then have a quick peek at the Scottish Motor Racing Web Site

Halfway Decent Picture Arhcive

Here is my collection of halfway decent pictures. Mostly motor racing ones which is not that surprising I guess.

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