New! Motorola ColdFire

ColdFire Development Resources

The aim of this web site is to provide a central resource for embedded developers using Motorola ColdFire processors. The site contains lots of downloadable software including ready built binaries of a GNU C ColdFire cross compiler for Win32 and Linux and two(!) free real time operating systems.

The web site also contains some information that is of use to other embedded developers, particularly those who want to use GNU tools.

Be part of the growing ColdFire community. Join the ColdFire Mailing List! Ask silly questions, get/give info about projects, Real Time OSs, bug reports...useful info. The list is run by Chuck Rice, subscribe today!

Eric Praetzel has kindly setup a mirror of this site in Canada. You might like to try there if things are a bit slow.

I have a second UK based mirror which has greater bandwidth and better US connectivity. This site will be moving there shortly.

Enjoy! - David Fiddes

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