Picture Page

The idea of this page is to collect a bunch of pictures of obscure chips on obscure PCBs as a bit of fun. Us technical people are a bit strange at times....

Please send me your ColdFire picture and I'll stick it here too.

Motorola's new secret weapon!
Motorola's new secret development - Panoz GTR-1

Thumbnail of SBC5206 picture My SBC5206.(256KB image!)

Thumbnail of SBC5307 picture My SBC5307(courtesy of Motorola).(140KB image!)

Here is Stefan Wimmer's Min332 which is pretty neat even if it isn't a ColdFire. He's working on a 5307 based board too!!

An EE class at the University of Florida have some Homebuilt ColdFire boards that you can take a look at. To the best of my knowledge this is the first non Motorola design I've seen using the MCF5206. Way ta go guys!


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