ColdFire - Work In Progress(WIP)

The idea of this page is to chart progress on any partially completed bit of ColdFire code. To start the ball rolling I'm going to stick up some code that I've been working on which is basically the ns8390.s, nif.s and nbuf.s code from the monitor source(see Motorola 5206 web page) rebuilt in C. So far all it does is pump out some packets which may or maynot be valid. The conversion has gone as far as it's going to but it might provide the basis of a proper ethernet driver or an interesting demo. If anyone is interested in tarting it up or checking it over then grab the source and get hacking. RTEMS for CF is more of a priority for me now so I'm just dumping the ethernet stuff. Grab the NS8390(or NS83907) data book from National Semiconductor if you want to have any hope of understanding what it's up to :) - DJF

If you have any half finished projects that you think might be of use/interest to other ColdFire users then feel free to chuck them at me. If they are true WIP then feel free to cripple them so folk don't run off with half finished code thinking it's OK!

Axel Hertling has been working on a gdb interface to the dbug monitor ROM used in the SBC5206. At the moment it has only been tested under Linux but it should work under Win95/NT or another UNIX system. Grab the file and follow the instructions within.

Here is some code that I've been playing with that talks directly to the 68HC901 on the SBC5206 eval board. It should really be merged with some work done by Paul Breed to create a better libdbug.a. Get


Copyright (c) 1997-98 David J. Fiddes.