July 12, 2014 all-day
2632 Vespra Valley Rd
Ontario L0L 1Y3

Come and take part in the demo at Snow Valley Ski Resort held by the Canton of Caer Draeth and help celebrate the wedding of Lord Conall and Lady Johanna!
Where: Snow Valley Ski Resort
2632 Vespra Valley Rd,
Minesing, Ontario
L0L 1Y3
When: July 12, 2014
Wedding Ceremony begins at 11:00 am (you may need to bring a chair)
Martial Activities begins around 12pm
Heavy Combat, Rapier, Thrown Weapons, Archery all as weather permits.
Lunch begins around 12pm and is provided by Snow Valley for $5.00 per person
Martial Activities end at 4:00pm
Marion of Heatherdale concert 4:30 to 5:30
Feast begins at 6:00pm (Invitation Only)

Site is wet and NO BYOB!
We encourage people to come out and celebrate the day with us and come back after feast to drink, dance and general revelry in garb or mundane clothing your choice!

For more information please contact:
Elizabeth Boyce (Johanna Herst) belle_star_2000@hotmail.com
Robert Briggs (Conall MacEarnain) robertbriggs@rogers.com