Historical Costume Archives Search Engine

Searches, are done on the Subject and From lines in the articles. Only a single word or exact phrase
ie "pant.*ns will match a variety of spellings for pantaloons.

Wildcards: a "." (decimal) will match any character and a ".*" will match any number of characters. Square brackets match sets of characters. ie "[a-p]" will match any character between "a" and "p".
A more complex search would be "suit...[0-9]*[a-f]+" which means: the pattern must start with the word "suit", be followed by 3 characters, then have zero or more numbers between "0" and "9" and be followed by 1 or more letters that are between "a" and "f". The "*" after the square brackets means that it should match 0 or more letters; while a "+" means to match 1 or more.
You can have much more complex search patterns. Simply look up Unix regular-expressions for more information.

Enter your search string and hit enter. ->

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Summaries of the subjects in each yearly archive.

You can still use the old search engine but it may be discontinued at some time and it is not as good as the new search engine.

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