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Welcome to my cave tour. Most of these pictures are of caves in West Virginia, U.S.A. taken in the Spring and Fall of 1994. Click on any of the small images to bring up a larger one. Although taken by various people (many of whom are in the pictures), all pictures were scanned by Keith Pomakis. He may have more for you to look at at his site.


suited up

beware of rats

cabin porch

Midway Tavern

a great view

The adventure starts in Renick, West Virginia. Before you begin your trip underground, check out the rustic accommodations. Once settled in, suit up. If you plan to use ropes, beware of rats. After your day of adventures, you may enjoy some relaxation on the cabin porch or at theMidway Tavern. If it is still light out, be sure to check out the local view.

a tight squeeze

taking a break

a cairn

a small bat

Closest to the cabin are the caves of the Friar's Hole Cave Preserve. In Snedegar's Cave are some tight squeezes. When tired, take a break. In this cave you can see, among other things, many cairns and bats.

Bone Cave quarry


the alien's chamber

the alien's chamber

a dripping stalactite

the organ room

entering the bathtub

in the bathtub

the echo room

a candle

out of the cave

Down the road a bit is the Bone Cave, which is part of the Bone-Norman system. The Bone Cave quarry is quite a sight. Upon entering, be careful not to get stuck. There is plenty to see in here, such as the alien's chamber. Step closer and take a better look, or climb to the top and examine the dripping stalactite. Past the alien's chamber is the organ room, where one can play with the musical stalactites. To get much farther into the cave, you'll have to crawl through the bathtub. It is a narrow crawl. At the end of the trek is the echo room. Light a candle and take a break before the long trip back out.

the world's longest
ribbon stalactite

If you don't like to get dirty, there are plenty of tourist caves around. Smoke Hole Caverns features what it calls the world's longest ribbon stalactite.

If this doesn't satiate your appetite for the underground, check out the Speleology Server Home Page. Some other good cave (web) sites include Scuba Dudes, Sherry Mayo's Cave page, and her Caving WWW Sites list. If you're interested in joining me on a future caving expedition, e-mail me at the address below.

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