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The Toronto Country Dancers is an informal organization run by dancers who love wonderful music, great dances and time to socialize. (see next dance)

Spring Thaw Photos by Simon Chambers !!

Spring Thaw Video by Simon Chambers on our TCD Facebook Page

Thank you Simon ! Thank you Lee and the whole Thaw Team !!

Singles, Couples, Families - Everyone is Welcome.

The caller teaches each dance before we dance it. No experience required, although we do have a "Basics Class" at 7 pm, before the dance, which can help new folks feel more comfortable jumping in.

It’s traditional to change partners for each dance, so you will dance with many people during an evening. Dress casually and comfortably in layers. It gets quite warm.

No special steps to learn. New dances each week so no memorization of dances required.

Second Dance Free Card

Receive your "Second Dance Free" card at the 7:00 pm Basics Workshop or ask for one at the desk.

If You Can Walk, You Can Contra Dance !

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We dance to live music from the Scots-Irish or French Canadian tradition, usually played on fiddle, accordion, banjo, piano, or guitar but many other instruments are now used.


Toronto Spring Thaw Dance Weekend 2012 (Myra Hirschberg calling. Music by Relative Harmony. Dance: Colin Hume's "Kim's Whim".


Our dances are held every 2nd, 4th & 5th Saturday, September to the 2nd Saturday in June from 7:30 - 10:30 pm. Our schedule is here.

Photos of TCD at the Flurry - by Fred Slater

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Sharon Perry

Mike Hoeschle, Chuck Abell
& Jamie Kubala (N.Y.)

While individually its members have been playing contra dances for almost two decades, Mo' Contra is a relatively new contra dance band comprised of three passionate Western New York dance musicians:

Fiddler Mike Hoerschle (Arugula, Big Eyed Fish)
Guitarist Chuck Abell (Tempest, Blue Dance)
Percussionist/drummer Jamie Kubala
(Tempest, Equinox Jazz Ensemble)

Mo' Contra came together to explore new approaches to traditional tunes and has since developed a jazzy, progressive sound that never loses the groove. At times driving and propulsive, at times lyrical and poetic, Mo' Contra keeps the dancers on their toes -- literally and figuratively!


Admission $12; Members & Students $10; Under 16 yrs free

Afternoon Dances (2-5 pm): $10.


Our dances are held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church Hall, on the southeast corner of Hampton & Danforth Avenues, west of the Chester Subway Station. There are Municipal parking lots east of Broadview and street parking nearby. (Detailed directions here.)

Cups, Bottles, Fragrances

Toronto Country Dancers ensures that water is readily available for the duration of our events. We serve free cider or juice at the break. Please help us the keep the environmental footprint of our activities to a minimum by bringing your own cup, mug or water bottle.

Fellow dancers may be allergic to fragrances so we ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes, scented hand creams, hair products, deodorants, and after-shaves. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.


St. Barnabas has asked us to respect their shoe policy, which is that no street shoes are worn in the gym. Please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into. Any wide-heeled, soft-soled shoes are fine. Running shoes will do. Click here for more details.


There are dozens of restaurants in the neighbourhood of every variety.

Here's a view of the neighbourhood.

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"Gypsy Everyone" by Seth Tepferr, called by Seth Tempfer. Music by Pertetual e-Motion
Toronto Country Dancers Spring Thaw 2011

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