Ansteorran Dance Symposium A.S. xxvii

pict. of cassette cover art

Cello - Gerry Priest (Goldwyn of Priestcastle)
Percussion - Robert Ferrell (Cynric of Bedwyn)
Winds - Dave Rubin (Robyn Solarius)
Pipes - Lars Sloan
Cover Art - Jennifer Davis (Siona Devereaux)

Permission granted for non-profit duplication with inclusion of this credit sheet.
(c) Dave Rubin, 1992

The music was recorded with a Fostex 8 track, a mixer, and a couple of Shure mikes in a small spare bedroom dampened with 'cubicle wall'

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SongRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Hearts EaseRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
If All the World Were PaperRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Black NagRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
NewcastleRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Picking of SticksRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Jenny Pluck PearsRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Rufty TuftyRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
WhirligigRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Mage on a CreeRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
GoddessesRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Saint MartinsRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Gathering PeascodsRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Mayden LayneRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Sellingers Round 3xRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
Sellingers Round 4xRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
So Ben Mi Cha Buon TempoRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download
The Highland FlingRealAudio (tm)RealAudio (tm) download