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The purpose of the College of Book Arts is to offer an open forum for the exchange of information concerning the arts and technology of medieval book creation.
  • Promote inquiry into a variety of period book arts, papermaking, bookbinding, binding decorations, calligraphy and illumination, wood block prints, printing.

  • Share what we have learned through formal meetings, informal gatherings, classes, demo and display projects, directing those seeking information to knowledgeable members, collecting a library (and cataloging) and being visible at events whenever possible.

  • Participate in the context of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Kingdom of An Tir by striving to become a recognized college.

The College is an unofficial group within The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit medeival recreation and re-creation society; History is studied through engaging in historical activities.

The craftmen sought by the college include:
  • woodworkers and leatherworkers
  • leather, parchment and paper makers
  • spinningers and page sewers
  • designers, rulers and prickers
  • scribes and illuminators
  • typesetters and woodblock carvers
  • jewellers and clasp makers
  • embroiderers and repousse workers
  • gilders, leather toolers and stampers
  • booksellers and book writers
  • librarians and archivists

  • Thanks to the Painter's Guild, The Herbal Guild and the College of Metaphysics who have offered inspiration and mentoring in the guild-building process.

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