This info is for the music, not the dances. Most of this info was verified with an Early Musicologist at Rice University.

AnelloDomenico da Piacenze, 1455
Black Almayn'Inns of Court' Manuscript, c. 1550
Black NagPlayford, 1670
Brounswycke AlmandeRawlinson Manuscript, 1570
Candlestick BransleArbeau, 1588
Casuelle la Nouvelle (La Spagna)Michael Toulouze, "L'Art et instruction de bien dancer," 1488
Charlotte BransleBeats me. We've just always played it.
Cuckolds All A-RowPlayford, 1651
Dargason ("Sedany")Playford, 1651
Dit le BurguygnonAnon. (c. 1480)
Earl of Salisbury PavaneWilliam Byrd, "Parthenia," 1613
Entre (Ann's) CourantePraetorius, 1612
Female SailorPlayford, 1706
Fickle (Battle) PavaneTielman Susato, 1551
Figured (Carolingian) Pavane ("Belle qui tiens ma vie")Arbeau, 1588
Gathering PeascodsPlayford, 1651
GelosiaEbreo, 1463
Geud Man of BallangighPlayford, 1651
GoddessesPlayford, The FitzWilliam Virginal Book, 1651
Halfe HannikinPlayford, 1651
Haste To The WeddingTrad., date unknown (I'd guess 18th c.)
Heart's EasePlayford, c. 1651-1690
Hit and MissPlayford, 1651
Hole in the WallPlayford, 1698 (based on Purcell's "Hornpipe")
Horses BranleArbeau, 1588
If All the World Were PaperPlayford, 1651
Jouyssance vous DonnerayArbeau, 1588
Juice of BarleyPlayford, 1689
KorobushskaUkranian Immigrant Folk Dance, 19th c. (?)
Maanschaft PavaneDavid Munrow, 1972 (based on "Turkelone, c. 1520)
Mille Ducas: PavanTielman Susato, 1551
MontardeArbeau, 1588
Moresca? (From "Romeo and Juliet;" I suppose the movie)
NewcastlePlayford, 1651
NonesuchPlayford, 1651
Official BransleArbeau, 1588
Parson's FarewellPlayford, 1651
Pease BransleArbeau, 1588
Branle sont des Pois (from "Breve et facile instruction")Adrian Le Roy, 1565
Pepper's BlackPlayford, 1651
Petit VriensGiovanni Ambrosio, 1450
Picking of SticksPlayford, 1651
Queen's AlmanWilliam Byrd, 1609
Rostiboli GioiosoGiovanni Ambrosio, 1450
Rufty TuftyPlayford, 1651
Saint MartinsPlayford, 1651
Saltarello "La Regina"Anon. (Italian, 14th c.)
Schiarazula Marazula ("Maltese Bransle")Giorgio Mainerio (1535-1582)
Scotland the Brave (combined with "Road to the Isles")Trad. Scottish, (18th c. ?)
Scottish BransleArbeau, 1588
Sellenger's Round ("The Beginning of the World")Playford, 1651
Shepherd's Holiday ("Labour in Vain")Playford, 1651
So ben mi ch'ha buon tempoOrazio Vecchi/Cecare Negri (c. 1570)
SpagnolettaPraetorius, 1612
SpagnolettoCesare Negri (1536-1604)
Tourdion ("Music for the Magdalena")Tielman Susato, 1551
Upon a Summer's DayPlayford, 1651
War BransleArbeau, 1588
Washerwoman's Bransle ("Branle des Lavandieres")Arbeau, 1588

Steven Hendricks (Lord Samuel Piper) has an excellent collection of arranged music.