My "Patrol Box" in Use

And I just took it out for my first weekend camping trip with the new box. It was Awesome! It was easy to lug around myself, even with stuff in it. I loaded it into the back of my van and was able to access it at the last minute to load it with food. It was a snap to set up by myself. It was great having the easy to use work surface. And I liked being able to close it up when not in use. The polyurethane inside was very easy to clean.

Here's a picture:

I still need to replace the thin rope with a chain. I also think now that making it 30" wide instead of 36" would have been more convenient for my purposes. It would be a little less weight and bulk for short trips. For longer trips like pennsic, I would just make 2 of them! I'm also thinking that maybe the shelf should be inset a little bit i.e. make it something like 12 3/4" wide or something like that.

The depth is perfect. Everything I needed fit just fine. I still think that adding partitions would be better, that way I can stack stuff in each little cubbyhole and also so that stuff doesn't shift around during transport.