Stiff Collar Tip Construction

By Hrelgar

Regulation pipe
Solid core pool noodle
Strapping tape- 3/4"wide and 1 1/2" wide
Hockey tape
Leather disk. Either 1 1/4"+ diameter or 2 1/2" diameter
Very stiff EVA foam. Here's where I found mine.

First make a collar out of stiff foam. To make this, I use 2 hole saws, 2 3/4" and 1 1/4" in diameter. I got the foam from Mandrake Armoury and is 1 3/8" in thickness. It's the same type of foam that's used to form the hook on their spear tip kits. I first use the large hole saw to cut out a disk. It ends up being just a tad over 2 1/2" in diameter. I then use the smaller hole saw to cut out the center of the disk. I do it in this order so that I can use the center drill hole from the first cut to center the second cut. I then carve out a chamfer on one side of the disk  using a sanding disk tool. I go slow and sand a little at a time and go around the disk several times to try and keep it smooth and symmetrical.

Photo note: Click on an image to see the photo at full size.

Here is an example of the collars I made.

You also need to make a pool noodle tip. Cut the noodle 4" to 4 1/2" long and round over one end as desired. This can also be made with stacked foam circles using walmart camp pads.

When I use yellow pipe, it ends up weighing about 15.2 oz. When I use black pipe, I have to cut off about 2"-3" to keep it sufficiently under the 16 oz limit. I also don't use the 1/2 tennis ball option as it will add too much weight and I don't think it's necessary. I add a couple extra layers of strapping tape on the nose to help with durability.

First I wrapped strapping tape over the end of the tube. This helps block water from getting into the tip.

A leather disk is required. It can be a small disk over the end of the tube or a large disk covering the collar and the tube. If you go for the small disk, then apply it now over the strapping tape. I now use the larger leather disk as I think it makes the tip last longer.

Then wrap some 3/4" strapping tape around the tube 1" down from the end of the tube. This forms a stop to keep the collar from sliding down with use. I've been increasing the diameter to about 1 1/2" which seems to be enough.

Wrap hockey tape completely around the end. This helps to keep the collar in place.

Now slide on the stiff foam collar. This is a very snug fit and takes a little coaxing to get it on.

Note that the collar will extend a little past the end of the tube by about 3/8". I figure this provides a little extra cushioning to help keep the tube from projecting into the foam tip and degrading it. At least that's the theory anyways.

Now is the time to apply the large leather disk if you go with that option. Then completely tape over the collar and then down over the tube with strapping tape. Then VERY tightly wrap around the tube just under the collar. The collar is now locked into place.

Add the foam tip and tape over it lengthwise with strapping tape, extending it down over the tube. Completely cover the tip. Wrap it tighly around the tube just under the collar.

Now wrap strapping tape around the circumference of the foam. I've been doing this with 2 layers to fully support the foam tip.

Now completely cover the tip with yellow duct tape.