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Here are some useful links to ColdFire related sites. Drop me an email if there is something that should be here but isnt.

Motorola Description
ColdFire web page Main ColdFire web page
MCF5206 MCF5206 specific information including data sheets and example programs.
MCF5206e MCF5206e specific information including data sheets and example programs.
MCF5307 MCF5307 specific information including data sheets and example programs.


Discussion forums Description
ColdFire Mailing List This mailing list is the primary source of ColdFire knowledge on the internet. The list is visited by Motorola people, HW & SW vendor support people, big commercial users as well as small users and individuals. The list is hosted by Chuck Rice and has a web archive and subscription information at the link above.
comp.sys.m68k USENET newsgroup for discussion of m68k related things.
comp.sys.realtime USENET newsgroup for discussion of real time systems.


Development Tools Description
Online Application Research Corp Development and support of real time systems. Developers of the RTEMS Open Source real time operating system.
Net Burner Producers of smart ColdFire based, network enabled single board computers.
P & E Micros makers of PC parallel port BDM cables for the ColdFire as well as debuggers, assemblers, flash programmers and other ColdFire utilities. Very affordable software.
Integrated Systems pSOSystem real-time OS.
Diab Data Win95/NT and UNIX hosted cross compilers.
SDS SingleStep GUI Background Debug Mode(BDM) debuggers.
Cygnus Solutions providers of commercial quality GNU based compilers.
Precise Software Technologies Makers of Precise/MQX a real-time OS
U S Software Makers of the USNET TCP/IP stack, NetPeer Java VM and the SuperTask! real time OS...all for the MCF5307.
Green Hills Software Providers of Win95/98/NT and UNIX hosted cross compilers and the MULTI Integrated Development Enviornment for 32/64-bit applications, including ColdFire.
Users Projects Description
Stefan Wimmer's page Stefan Wimmer has done a lot of 683xx development is currently working on a MCF5307 ColdFire design. Check out his amazing Min332 project for some idea what what he's up to!
Rolf Hemmerling Has a page about his experiments with the SBC5206 eval board. Its a little old now but has useful info if you have that board.
Michael Staab Has a page about ColdFire debugging and other ColdFire related software.
Matt Minnis His site has a lot of useful links, documentation, an early version of a ColdFire BASIC interpreter and picture of a pretty cool robot.


Open Source Resources Description
EGCS The Experimental GNU Compiler System provides leading edge compilers for virtually all 32/64-bit computer systems. This is an Open Source project which provides robust high quality releases but allowing rapid development by opening up the current devlopment sourcebase.
RTEMS A Open Source RTOS which is available for many common embedded processors.
Linux A project to port Linux to ColdFire based boards. It boots!
ECOS Another Open Source RTOS which is highly configurable and target at deeply embedded systems. It does not support the ColdFire yet.
Cygwin This is a development environment and set of libraries for Windows systems that allow them to run UNIX software with minimal modification. This is what is used to provide the ColdFire GNU C compiler on this site.
Open Source(tm) Open Source software should never be confused with "Freeware" or "Shareware". For the full story have a look at this site.


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