Canadian Breakdown

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all couples active



1-16 The head two couples promenade around the outside of the ring (cpls. 1 & 3 walk to their right behind the side cpls.)
Go all the way around
17-24 Go right and left through with the couple you meet (cpl. 1 with cpl. 2 ; cpl. 3 with cpl. 4)
25-32 Go right and left back with the same two
1- 8 The same two ladies chain across (1&2, 3&4)
9-16 Turn the ladies and chain them back
17-24 The same two couples do a half promenade (cpl.1&2 trade places,3&4 likewise?gents passing left shoulders with each other)
25-32 Right and left through to your home place.

The figure is repeated for the side two couples, then a break.
The dance sequence is Introduction, Hds-Bk, Sds-Bk, Hds-Bk, Sds-Bk. When the side couples promenade, cpl. 2 will meet cpl.3 and cpl.4 will meet cpl. 1.


All eight dancers join hands in a circle, step in to the middle of the set and back out to place. Repeat, this time raising the hands in the centre and giving a short yell or whoop, then back to place. Couples #2 and #4 step into the centre while couples #1 and #3 promenade counter clockwise around the outside until back to place. Couple #1 meets couple #2 while couple #3 meets couple #4. These couples go right and left through, then right and left back to place. This is done diagonally across the corners of the set. Now the ladies chain and chain back (ladies #1 & #2 chain while ladies #3 & #4 chain). The same couples half promenade, exchanging places, then go right and left to home place.
Repeat with couples #1 and #3 in the centre and couples #2 and #4 promenading around the outside. Couple #2 meets couple #3 and couple #4 meets couple #1.