Double Pass Through

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all couples active



1st couple promenade
around the outside of the ring.
Stand behind the opposite two.

Forward 4 and the 4 fall back.
Forward again with the lead turn left
and the next turn right, stand behind the sides.

Forward 8 and the 8 fall back,
Forward again with a double pass through,
The lead turn left, the next turn right.
Pass through the first you meet,
Go right and left through with the next wee two.
Right and left back on the same old track.

The same 2 ladies chain,
Chain them on over and chain them on back
Over the hill and into the shack.
Same 2 couples do a half promenade,
Right and left through to your places all.

(repeat for sides)


Full Description:

Number 1 couple walks to their right and stands behind couple #3 (opposite). Couples #1 & #3 walk forward four steps, back four steps, forward again with the lead couple turning left, the following couple turning right. The lead couple (couple #3 is referred to as the first couple) is now standing behind couple #2 and couple #1 is behind couple #4.

Everyone walks forward four steps, back four steps, forward again and with your hands at your sides, pass right shoulder to right shoulder with the persons facing you and who are coming toward you (a double pass through). The lead couples turn left, the following couples (referred to as the second couples) turn right. All couples pass through the first couple they meet and keep on going to meet the next couple with whom they do a right and left through, then do a right and left back with that same couple. The same two couples continue to work together by chaining the ladies over to the other gent and then chaining them back again. The two couples trade places (promenade a half) and are now facing home. Everyone does a right and left through to their home place and faces into the square.