Texas Star (Quebec Windmill)

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A video sample



Ladies to the centre and back to the bar,
The gents go in with a right hand star,
Star by the right around you go,
Back by the left hand not too slow.

"Pass your partner and
Pick up next with an arm around."
(if not changing partners, change to "Pick up your partner and star promenade)
The ladies turn in and gents back out,
Once and a half you turn about.

Now the ladies star promenade,
The ladies back out and the gents turn in,
Once and a half you are gone again.
Star promenade to the gents home place.


(repeat 3 more times to get your partner back)

Four ladies step into the center, rotating ccw to face partner, then step back to place, rotating ccw. Four gents star by the right using the box star hold. Reverse with a left hand star, pass by partner and the next lady steps in to become new partner. Keep star intact, walking with nearest arms around partners' waists. Keeping waist hold, gents release star and couples wheel around ccw one whole turn and halfway. The ladies now form a right hand box star. Ladies next release the star and couples wheel cw halfway so men can reform the star. Finish by promenading home with the new partner to gents original home spot.