This topic covers anything that was done in medevil times, from Cooking to Armor Smithing.



o Period Spices


o Meat Meat & Meat

o Deserts

Calligraphy & Illumination

o Calligraphy

o Illumination Awards Blanks

o Drawing and Painting


o Viking Wire Weaving

o Chain Mail

o Leather

o Glass Beads

Weapon Smithing

o Combat Weapons

o Combat Archery Weapons

o Sheige Weapons

o Sheilds

o Bow Making

o Fletching

Aromor Smithing

o Leather Armor

o Chain Mial

o Plate Armor

o Fencing Armor

o Ironworking


o Period Patterns

o Fabric

o Starter Garb

o embroidery

o Beadwork

Fiber Arts

o Luceting

o Card Weaving

o Spinning

o Kumohito

o Knitting, Crochet, Nalbinding

o Knitting

o Lace making

o Knot work (Netting, Macramé)

o Weaving – Loom and Table

Book Binding

o Cover Making

o Paper Making

o Page Inserts

o Binding Methods

Music & bardic activities

o Storytelling

o Singing

o Performance and composition

o Performing Arts (drama, juggling, tumbling,etc.)

o Writing (poetry, playwriting, etc.)

o Musical Instrument Making

o Juggling and Tumbling


o Picking a Persona

o Picking a Name

o Picking a Time Period

o Creating your Sign


o Board Games

o Outdoor Games


o Glasswork – Blown or Stained glass

o Sculpting

o Lapidary

o Stone Carving & Sculpture

o Tool Making

o Wood Working & Construction

o Metal Work

o Brewing & vinting

o Research Religious History Scientific Instruments Siege Engines Seamanship


o Alchemy

o Herb Craft

o Dyeing

o Gardening (period flowers)