This topic covers the different forms of Combat in the SCA.

(*** = Currently Active) Additional information for any combat can be found on the Northshield site.

*** Heavy Armor Combat

SCA heavy Fighting is full speed and full force martial combat. This combat system is one based on the honor of the participants, as it is up to them to recognize and acknowledge which blows are valid. Safety is important, weapons are made of rattan (a solid form of bamboo) and protective armor is required to ensure safety of the fighters. This consists of a wide variety of weapons and armor combinations stretching across the middle ages.

Heavy Combat events vary widely in scale. They range from one on one tournament to Inter-Kingdom wars containing hundreds of combatants including combat archers and siege engines.

*** Target Archery

Archery has existed either for sport, hunting or combat for thousands of years and is enjoyed by many in the SCA. Wooden bows such as Long Bows, Cross Bows, Horse Bows, Recurve and Breakdown Bows are the commonly used bows in the SCA. The arrows consist of a wooden shaft with target arrow tips. Modern construction and materials are not allowed. Thus, compound bows, fiberglass arrows, and metal shafted arrows are not permitted.

*** Fletching

Fletching is the art of making arrows. Whether you wish to make yourself a new set, repair some broken, or just see how it is done, the Fletchers Guild will welcome you. From start to finish, making a set of arrows for yourself will take about 3 to 6 days. The steps include shaft preparation and dipping, nocking, tipping, fletching (putting on the feathers) and wrapping.

Rapier/Fencing Combat

SCA rapier combat differs from traditional Olympic style fencing in several ways, including the use of a heavier blade and the incorporation non-linear movements. In addition, secondary weapons (such as daggers, extra swords and cloaks) can be used. We have some rapier gear and many regional contacts if you would like to try your hand at this.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons include a variety of edged projectiles, such as Axes, Knives, and Spears. Axes and Knives are usually thrown at stumps of wood. Spears are typically thrown at softer targets like hay, to prevent them from bouncing back toward the thrower.

Other martial activities

o Equestrian

o Greyhound coursing