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Toast(TM)  ColdFire MCF5307 Controller Board (Deprecated)

Toast(TM) - NOTE: The Toast design has been deprecated. No further development is anticipated. Experimental reference and development design for the Motorola ColdFire MCF5307 Control Board, with a PC/104 bus type expansion interface, using surface mount parts. The Toast board is designed to be the basis for more complex boards and systems.  Besides the MCF5307 ColdFire processor, the Toast Board includes places for two 2-megabyte 16-bit wide flash memory devices, two 8-megabyte 32-bit wide SDRAM devices, two 10/100BaseT ethernet interfaces, two serial ports, a real time clock module, and a CPLD-based programmable interface to a PC/104 bus expansion interface.  Because this board is experimental, it is made larger than absolutely required to allow room for whatever changes may be required.  As such, while the Toast Board will accept PC/104 bus expansion cards, it is in a 6U short Eurocard form factor.  In order to minimize costs, this board is built on a four-layer board (i.e. with 3.3 VDC power and ground plane layers) with 7 mil lines and spaces.

The Toast MCF5307 Control Board was designed with Eagle 4.03, on the GNU/Linux operating system.  The same CAD files will work with the Wxx version of Eagle.  See the Links page for further information concerning Eagle. 

Tests so far have shown only a couple of minor problems.  One change worthy of note is that the footprint for U10 needs to be modified slightly to move the pads outward by about 0.5 mm, which should improve manufacturability.

Board Availability:  I am not a business.  I am an individual running a dot-org site.  I have no plans to offer boards for sale.  If someone wants to build and sell these boards, or boards based on these designs, please be my guest.   As long as you release any designs based on these under GPL, there are no royalties to pay.   

Toast Board

Figure 1.  The layout and routing were completed on 09 September 2001. 
FOR A CLOSER LOOK, CLICK HERE: toastbig.jpg  09-10-2001, 318k

Toast board top side

Figure 2.  Board populated on 13 November 2001.
TO VIEW IT MUCH LARGER,  CLICK HERE: toast30h.jpg  11-14-2001, 730k
TO VIEW THE BOTTOM SIDE,  CLICK HERE: toastpix4.jpg  09-26-2001, 94k
TO VIEW THE UNPOPULATED TOP SIDE,  CLICK HERE: toastpix1.jpg  09-20-2001, 102k
TO VIEW THE UNPOPULATED BOTTOM SIDE,  CLICK HERE: toastpix2.jpg  09-20-2001, 74k


Contents File type File name
Schematics, 3 C-size pages - DOS/Wxx zip of three large png files  09-19-2001,  729K
Schematics, 3 C-size pages - GNU/Linux gzipped tar file of three large png files toastsch.tar.gz  09-19-2001,  729K
Part List html toastparts.htm   09-26-2001,  9.4k
CAD source files - DOS/Wxx zip of Eagle 4.03 files    11-14-2001, 166k
CAD source files - GNU/Linux gzipped tar file of Eagle 4.03 files toast.tar.gz   11-14-2001, 166k
CPLD source files zip of VHDL, pin, configuration files   11-30-2001, 3.1k
CPLD programming files zip of JEDEC file   11-30-2001, 1.8k
Manufacturing zip of Gerber/Excellon/text   09-12-2001, 785k
Designer's notes html toastdev.htm   09-26-2001, 12.5k
Issues and Errata html toastissues.htm   09-26-2001, 2.5k

NOTE: to unpack the Eagle file in Linux, make a toast directory, copy the toast.tar.gz file into it, and then invoke tar xvzf toast.tar.gz

This will unpack the entire set of  CAD and manufacturing files in the toast directory.

Hardware designer:  Diehl Martin -

Note:  The source code for all designs shown here is released under the GNU General Public License.

                                                 . . . . . . . . . .

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