Eric's Canadian RRSP Fund data

Fund data LIKLEY DOA (Jan 2011)

I've not had time to update this in a while - nothing has been done since Mar 2010 and old data has not been moved over. The raw data is all in a single file indexed by numeric fund numbers - painful for a human to deal with so I've not made it public.

Fund data is still under construction

Mar 17, 2010 - Partial plotting - tons of old data to sort thru (figure out which old fund matchs which new fund!!!

Jan 28, 2010 - Data gathering now from

Jan 14, 2010 - Data gathering broken I'm not sure if Canoe still has this data made available.

July 9, 2004 - Data gathering was broken because the source web page moved
July 10, 2002 - Most of the old data still has to be moved into the new web pages.
June 28, 2002 - Data gathering was broken in Feb. 2002.
Data should now be harvested from all funds. Before June data was only harvested from some funds. ie The Webfin web page broke up fund data over several pages and didn't provide an easy way to fetch all funds from all companies. I now itterate thru all fund types - for all fund companies. That is currently 230 companies, 9013 funds!!
It currently takes aprox. 30 min. to harvest all of the data nightly and build the web pages.

Data published on the my web RRSP page stoped being updated early in Jan 2002.
This web page uses mutual fund data from Money.Canoe.CA (I formerly used WebFin but it no longer provides the data) and as such the page is currently under construction. I am adding in the data from my original web page. However, there are hundreds of mutual fund companies and thousands of funds - all of which I have to cross-reference by hand. In some cases many funds no longer exist - and in other cases there are confusing, duplicated or changed fund names. I don't expect to import the old data very quickly!!

This page plots daily RRSP fund data gathered from companies on the web. Data (fund share values) is gathered and plotted daily. This allows investors to see how share values have varied in the past. I make no promises about the accuracy of this data. I do not have the time; nor do I personally check it. I use the data and fix mistakes when I find them. You get what you pay for, caveat emptor.

Here is a list of Canadian RSP fund company URLs

Here is my personal mutual fund plotter. It allows you to select a group of mutual funds, enter the number of shares that you own and track their daily value as well as plot their historical NAVs.

If you know of any web pages that publish historical fund data in a format that I could add to this web page please drop me a note
Most of this data is from Canoe Money - Mutual Funds

Technical details: This web page is make by a Perl script that harvests data from various web pages. Perl is used to extract the data which is then built into a database. This is then ploted using GNU plot.
Unfortunately the various fund companies like to keep on changing their web pages and changing company / fund names and so I have to update my scripts every now and then.
Raw data is available. Here are some sample lines:
1999.07665982204 5.56 ABC American-Value
1999.07665982204 6.92 ABC Fully-Managed
1999.07665982204 9.58 ABC amental-Value
1999.15177960301 5.39 ABC American-Value
1999.15177960301 6.86 ABC Fully-Managed
The format is date fund_value fund_name.
The date is calculated using:
date = year + (month - 1) / 12 + (day - 1) / 365.25
ie. The date format is ok but not as good as having the raw date in day-month-year format. If you need more accurate data email me.
The fund_value is the daily NAV, usually in Canadian dollars. The fund_name is a unique name within that company.

Companydata collection period# funds (data points)raw data
FooBar0:0 - 0:00 (0) Data NOT yet available

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