TiMidity Distribution


Latest version

You can get the latest version of TiMidity here.
Version 0.2i
This is the latest release, adding support for DEC and Windows95/NT, and the Tcl/Tk and Motif interfaces. The same in in ZIP format: A prebuilt Windows 95 GUI version (release 3) by Nicolas Witczak (will be integrated in 0.2j): A prebuilt Windows 95/NT console version: A Power Macintosh version by Nogami Takaya:
Support files to get you started. Contains a piano and guitar patch by Dustin McCartney, and some MIDI file examples. If you already have the lib-0.1 support files, you don't need to get this, as they're identical. The same in ZIP format:

Bug fixes

Patches against 0.2i
Will appear here as bugs are reported and fixed.

Exotic Ports

I haven't yet managed to integrate these ports into the main release. They can be quite useful though, so please help yourself.
SGI port
SGI patch for 0.2i by Stephane Peter (speter@essi.fr).
MS-DOS port
MS-DOS (DJGPP) port by Anthony Cruz (keyboard@engin.umich.edu), modifications by Denis Sablic (klint@fly.cc.fer.hr). Supports various Sound Blaster cards, comes with prebuilt executable.

A version by Stefano Marago` modified to support LPT DACs and the PC Speaker.

Borland C port
MS-DOS (Borland C) port by Gert-Jan de Jonge based on Anthony Cruz's DJGPP port. Supports Sound Blaster, Sound System (untested).