n001: H-Costume-Digest #1, 11/17/93 Test Janet Arnold's american tour Janet Arnold.... Re: Janet Arnold's american tour Re: Test cleaning costumes (was: Janet Arnold) Foreign reproduction patterns My biography, of sorts. My pet peeve: Folkwear patterns n002: H-costume digest, Volume 2, Nov 1, 1993 Inelegance Inelegance (was announcement of mailing list) re: My pet peeve: Folkwear patterns Hooray for this List, anyway! Re: cleaning costumes (was: Janet Arnold) Re: My pet peeve: Folkwear patterns Questions -- general Re: My biography, of sorts. general info Request with a bio tacked on.. Another bio... Costume Con 12 flyer GBACG Supplies List Another Biography Re: My pet peeve: Folkwear patterns Bio Re: My biography, of sorts. My costuming bio: well, *some* of it. :) n003: H-costume digest, Volume 3, Nov 18, 1993 Vintage Clothing FAQs, including historical costuming FAQ Bon jour, all! My bio Re: Questions -- general Bio Re: Vintage Clothing Re: My pet peeve: Folkwear patterns bio Bio Bio et cetera Jumping on the bio bandwagon Bio Yet another Bio... a Bio Folwear Patterns another bio n004: H-costume digest, Volume 4, Nov 18, 1993 CostumeCon12 flyer (repost) Book List folkwear and other speciality patterns re:Request with a bio tacked on.. (Yet another) bio Betty Kirke's book on Madelaine Vionnet ICG Chapters Other side of the pond and a bio my bio Bio Period cotton fabrics Greetings!! Books on sale queries@minibio looking for help for paper Yet another bio... n005: H-Costume Digest, Volume 5, 11/19/93 Folkwear, lace Re: queries BIO Re: queries Elizabethan actors Shoe soles 500-1200 Re: Folkwear, lace Folkwear, Medieval Misc., and bio Bio, etc. Any NYC area (USA:) costumer's group members here? basically a "lurker" fabric source Brocades, etc. Re: basically a "lurker" n006: H-Costume Digest, Volume 6, 11/22/93 Administrative note for Digest subscribers Book info Questions 1930s clothing questions Re: Questions For the Fiber Artists out there RE: 1930s clothing questions Re: Shoe soles 500-1200 Re: H-Costume Digest, Volume 5, 11/19/93 cleaning costumes and my bio n007: H-Costume Digest, Volume 7, Nov 23, 1993 Re: cleaning costumes.... Lace, Shoes, and Trim Re: cleaning costumes and my bio Re: Lace, Shoes, and Trim Cleaning gold trim sorry about the confusion Candace Kling Bio Re: cleaning costumes and my bio glueing things together Re: Tacky adhesives n007b: H-Costume Digest, Volume 7, 11/22/93 Random Sources LURK & BIO Re: Random Sources Viking men's clothing at Birka Padded rolls and bio. Janet Arnold..new book? HMSO / Shoes and Pattens address Janet Arnold's new book.... Copyright Law de Lilio's jewelery De Lilio's, etc. Re: De Lilio's, etc. re:DeLilio's/Fran's answer Ancient costumes of G.B. & Ireland intro n008: H-Costume Digest, Volume 8, 11/30/93 re: Ancient Costumes of G.B. FAQ's Ancient costumes of GB & Ireland FAQs 1870's Bustles n009: H-Costume Digest, Volume 9, 12/1/93 Book List n010: H-Costume Digest, Volume 10, 12/1/93 Re: Folkwear, lace SCA? Re: SCA? AN EXPLANATION: SCA SCA dress forms corn dollies & wire ornaments RE: SCA Re: SCA [actually administrativia on SCA discussions] Re: dress forms enuf already! with the SCA discussion Re: SCA Edging for Blackwork Embroidery Re: Edging for Blackwork Emb. Re: AN EXPLANATION: SCA Re: Edging for Blackwork Embroidery RE: SCA n011: H-Costume Digest, Volume 11, 12/2/93 _Uniquely You_ dress forms sale colour of mourning silly question's for anyone who can answer lawn, kily hose Shirt/Smock Articles Articles/Sources Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd Queen E's Closet Unlocked lawn Re: H-Costume Digest, Volume 10, 12/1/93 Re: Edging for Blackwork Emb. Re: Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd Re: Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Re: Articles/Sources RE: kids looms Re: Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd n012: H-Costume Digest, Volume 12, 12/3/93 dress forms Intro/questions Free pamphlets on textile conservation n013: H-Costume Digest, Volume 13, 12/6/93 Various subjects Smithsonian handouts lawn & other delights Highland hose Pattern review Book Handout Mistress Catriona's handout Well... n014: H-Costume Digest, Volume 14, 12/7/93 another bio n015: H-Costume Digest, Volume 15, 12/8/93 Re: Gretchen Miller (was another admin note) re:Book Review: After A Fashion Re: Gretchen Miller (was another admin note) RE: re:Book Review: After A Fashion re:Ordering That Book n016: H-Costume Digest, Volume 16, 12/10/93 New book on making historic costumes ordering Lavolta press books Lavolta Press Book orders ... RE: Lavolta Press Phone Number Lavolta Press phone Unlurking-bio n017: H-Costume Digest, Volume 17, 12/13/93 TV & Film Costume Re: TV Costumes history of equestrian apparel-Book review n018: H-Costume Digest, Volume 18, 12/14/93 Campbell tartan Viking era Irish? Early 1500's question kilts Re: Campbell tartan Costumes in HAMLET RE: Help for Teacher kilts Equestrian costumes... Re: Viking era Irish? Re: Campbell tartan Early 1500's question Re: kilts Books on Kilts; Questions on Ancient Rome/Greece Ancient Rome/Greece RE: Early 1500's question n019: H-Costume Digest, Volume 19, 12/15/93 Re: Kohler Hats Re: Kohler Greek/Roman kilts & equestrian Scottish clothing, kilts especially Kilt Hell ;-) earrings and sailors Scottish costume Re: Kilt Hell ;-) Re: tracing tartans Mongol Costume Book With Patterns More on sailors and earrings n020: H-Costume Digest, Volume 20, 12/16/93 Re: Kilt-Hell Re: Viking era Irish? Vionnet book Re: Scottish costume n021: H-Costume Digest, Volume 21, 12/17/93 Falkirk tartan Falkirk tartan 14th C. scottish shirt + more old Scottish textiles Q.E.'s Wardrobe--I got it! Snake Goddess Minoan Thingie Richard the Thread Patterns Corset patterns & corset kits elizabethan corsets