Eric's Catalog Pictures

An excellent source for scans of old catalogs is Civilization.CA - Before E-commerce which is on the Civilization.CA web site

Warning - the pictures under these thumbnails are 300k to 500k JPEGs!

All pictures are 80% of the size of the original scan (typically 4M to 12M raw).
I've scanned pictures that have been requested. Not all pages have been scanned yet!
If there is anything that you would like to see and it is not here (from the 3 catalogs) just drop me some email.
The Robert Simpson Company Ltd, Toronto, Fall and Winter 1922
One of the first things that I noticed about this era was that there were two types of refigerators; the "ice box" and the "electric" models!

catalog pic

Eaton's Summer Sale, August 1948
catalog pic
Simmers' Seeds 1927
This catalog has some very interesting manual tools that have been replaced by tractors.

catalog pic catalog pic catalog pic catalog pic

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