Preface to the On Line Edition

The on line edition of this dance book appears on the web and is also available on CD-ROM. It contains a number of additional features that the printed book does not contain, including playable and printable sheet music, and videos of some of the steps and step sequences. It also changes a bit more regularly than the printed edition.



If you are reading this, then you must already have the on line edition, because this text does not appear in the printed edition. If, however, you were wanting additional copies of the CD-ROM or wanting to find where the on line edition is located, there are several ways to do this.

The primary web site for the on line edition of Del's Dance Book is at and there are also mirror sites in the USA and Canada. The mirror sites are linked from the main web site.

The book is available on CD-ROM in the same format as the on line edition. The CD-ROM also contains printable copies of the book, as well as some extras such as facsimile copies of some of the period dance manuals, and some extra video clips.


Printed Editions

There are currently two ways to get hold of a printed copy of this book:

  • Purchase a CD-ROM edition, and print the copy available on the CD-ROM as a PDF file.
  • Purchase a printed edition, listed below.

There are actually 4 different books and a CD-ROM in this edition:

 Price (collected)Price (incl postage)
Del's Dance Disc, which is the book on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM also contains printable copies of the book, as well as some extras such as facsimile copies of some of the period dance manuals, and some extra video clips. A$15.00 A$15.00 or NZ$20.00
Del's Dance Book, 419 pages, is the main book, which contains all of the dances shown here, plus the articles, bibliography, etc. A$25.00 A$37.00 or NZ$55.00
Del's Dance Teaching Book, 116 pages, contains teaching notes and lesson plans for the 5 main dance styles that I cover (15th & 16th Century Italian dance, French & Burgundian dance, English Country Dance, and Allemandes), as well as some general notes about teaching dance classes, and some student handouts and cheat sheets for the dances covered in the lesson plans. A$10.00 A$20.00 or NZ$30.00
Student Handouts for Del's Dance Book, 34 pages, contains only the student handouts and cheat sheets from Del's Dance Teaching Book. A$5.50 A$11.00 or NZ$20.00
The Music For Del's Dance Book, 182 pages, contains only the sheet music. A$10.00 A$20.00 or NZ$30.00


Ordering Information

The above items may be ordered from:

D Elson
2/83 Birkley Road
Manly  NSW  2095

Please send cheques (payable to "D Elson") in Australian or New Zealand dollars only, I am not able to accept credit cards at the moment.

Important Note: The book is currently in draft status only, and is not available for sale yet. Orders will be accepted for delivery after Easter 2003.


Handouts, Music, etc

This on line edition contains a bunch of handouts, music, and videos. These are accessed from the main pages of each of the sections of the book, and are identified by one of a number of icons:

Adobe PDF format file. This file can be downloaded and printed if you have the Adobe Acrobat reader software installed on your PC. This software is available for most computers for free, and can be downloaded from Adobe's web site (click on the link to "Download Acrobat Reader"). Any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher should suffice.
Music in Noteworthy Composer format. This is a music file that can be played or printed on a PC running Microsoft Windows using the popular Noteworthy Composer software. This software is shareware that you can download and then must pay to register, although it is fairly cheap. There is also a free reader that allows you to play Noteworthy files but not change, print or save them. The composer and player software are both available from Noteworthy Software's web site.
Music in MIDI format. This is a music file that can be played on any computer that supports MIDI files -- there are many pieces of software that can play these files. They generally can't be printed. If you use music composition software other than Noteworthy Composer, you may also be able to import these files.
Video clip in MPEG-1 format. I have chosen the MPEG-1 format because nearly all computers that can play video clips are able to play these. There are many pieces of software that can play MPEG-1 files including players for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

If you are looking for sheet music then please check out Eric's Music Search engine, which contains all of the music in this book and much more.