Step Descriptions


DL/DR --Double Left/Right, going forwards

In the English style of allemande, these are done in the same way as for a pavane. In the French style, these conclude with a pied en l'air, where the last step ends by bringing the trailing foot forwards and into the air, instead of just closing the step. This should be done by bending the raised leg at the knee, with the foot relaxed, while the rear leg is straight, and without a jump.


DLh/DRh -- Double Left/Right Hop

Perform a DL or a DR. On the last step, instead of closing feet, take a small hop with the foot that is currently grounded, and finish with a small kick forwards, in the style of a "pied en l'air". This is the commonly danced "Allemande double", and there is some evidence that all of the doubles in allemandes not otherwise marked can be done with these hops. Where an allemande has doubles that are marked with hops, however, the rest of the doubles should be done without them.


DLb/DRb -- Double Left/Right, going backwards

These steps are similar to the above steps, except going backwards.


SL/SR -- Single Left/Right, going forwards

These are done in the same way as for a pavane.


SLs/SRs -- Single Left/Right, going sideways.

These are done in the same way as a SL and a SR for a Bransle. Alternatively, a "pied en l'air" may be performed in the French style, where the SLs ends with a small kick to the left with the right foot, and the SRs ends with a small kick to the right with the left foot.


TL/TR -- Turn Left/Right

These steps are the same as a TL and a TR in a country dance. Alternatively, if partners are facing each other, the steps can be done by doing a DL or a DR, holding either one of or both of your partner's hands, and turning around your partner into their place.