Starting Positions


Country dances are danced as circle dances or line dances, either for a set number of couples or for any number of couples.


Proper and Improper position.

The lady generally stands to the right of her partner, in Proper position. If the lady stands to her partner’s left, the couple is in Improper position.


Line or set dances

These dances often have a set starting position, which varies from dance to dance. More often than not, the dancers start in a line of couples. The dancers start by either facing their partners, or by facing the front of the hall.


Circle Dances

The couples start by forming up in a circle, usually holding hands, with the couples in proper position. A sample starting position with 4 couples is shown in the diagram. The person next to you who is not your partner is your Corner or Contrary.


Square Dances

A square is simply a circle with only two couples, as shown in the diagram.