This is a dance for 3 dancers, subtitled 'Brestow is a mery town'.

"3 Trace: Al the 6 singlis with a trett. Then the fyrst man goo compas till he come behend, whil the medyll retrett thre, and the last 3 singlis, and the medil 3 singlis, leyng the last on the left hand, and the last 3 retretts. Thus the medill endyth before the last in the meddist and the ferst gehynd. Thus daunce 3 tymes, callyng every man as he standdith.
3 After the trace, the ferst 3 furth outward turnyng ayen his face. Then the last contur hym, and the medill to the fyrste; and then the first to his place. Then the last to the medyll and the medyll to the last mans place.
1 The first and last change place whil the medyll tornyth.
1 Al at onys retrett 3 bake. Bak al at ons.
1 Then the first turne whill the last turne in (in) his own place.
1 Then al togeder thre furth."

Reference: DF p7


This dance starts off with a intricate pattern and gets simpler as the dance progresses, although you have to be in the right place to be able to do a couple of latter sequences. I have grouped the 6 musical sections into it into 3 dance parts.



This figure is repeated 3 times and consists of 6 singles and a trett (5 steps and a close). If you agree with the idea that a left always follows a right then a left occurs, then the second repeat will be on the right foot.


The Trace

A 1-6

Esperans figure 1

In the first six singles:

The person in first place casts out to fourth place,

While second and third change places in an anti-clockwise circle,

second place does 3 singles backward to third place and then 3 singles forward to place,

Then third place does 3 singles forward to second place and then 3 singles backwards to place.

A 7-9

Then all do a trett forwards.

A 10-15

Esperans figure 2

In the second repeat every one starts on the right,

First casts to the right

and the other two circle clockwise.

A 16-18

Then all do a trett forwards.

A 19-24

Esperans figure 1

The third repeat is the same as the first with every one starting on the left,
First casts to the left
and the other two circle anti-clockwise.

A 25-27

Then all do a trett forwards.


Part 2

This figure consists of 3 repeats of 4 singles (all RLRL) followed by a double to get back into "proper" order. It starts on the right foot.


The Pattern

B 1-4

Esperans figure 2

Person A goes in a circle to their place casting left.

While the other two cast right and change places.

All end facing the back.

The middle person should move into first place with the first single.

B 5-8

Esperans figure 3

Person B, in third place, now goes in a circle left, while the other two cast right and change places.

All end facing the front.

B 9-12

Esperans figure 4

Person C, in first place, casts in a circle ending facing second place,while the other two cast right and change places ending with B facing the front and A facing B.

It is important for the formation to be very tight here.

C 1-2

Esperans figure 5

Person C and A change places with a double while B does a turn single.

Everyone ends up facing up the dance floor.


Part 3

The pattern:

Back and Forward a trett with first person ending facing second.

First turns second with a double while third does a turn single.

All do 3 singles forward.