The Manuscript

Nobody knows who Il Papa was, but he signed the preface and wrote several of the dances contained in this manuscript. The manuscript itself contains dances by three different authors, who are named as Il Papa, Giovannino and Il Lanzino.



The manuscript currently resides in the New York Public Library, Performing Arts Research Center at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Manhattan (near 65th St).

Location, Description and Reference:

Dance Collection
(S) *MGZMB-Res. 72-255
Manoscritto di balletti composti da Giovannino e Il Lanzino e Il Papa; scritto da Cosimo Ticcio. [155-?] [27] p. (26-31 lines) 29 cm. (f.)
Cia Fornaroli Collection. NN 72-7014766



The manuscript contains no music for the dances, but fortunately some has been composed by modern composers to fit the music.