Step Descriptions


Most of the steps in Il Papa appear to come from the 15th C Italian repertoire. The dances include singles, doppii, riverenze, continenze, and other steps that appear to be identical to their counterparts from Domenico, Cornazano, and Guglielmo.

There are a few steps that are unique to the repertoire, however, and I will describe them here.


Passetto (Ps)

This appears to be a fast passo or single step – 4 of these are done in one bar of music.


Trappasino (Tp)

There is no indication as to what this step is, however I have made it look like a piva step from the 15th C sources. It appears to be used in several places where pive would be reasonable steps to include. The name of the step may come from the words “tre passi”, which adds further weight to the piva conjecture, because a piva contains three steps.


Volta di Lasso

The description of this step in the manuscript is “a turn on the right side, moving the left foot first”. This looks like almost exactly the opposite of the first part of a 15th C volta del gioioso, in which a turn is done over the left shoulder starting on the right foot.


Meza ripresa

A meza ripresa is exactly half of a 15th C Italian ripresa. It takes half of a bar and involves a single step with a close, either to the left or the right.