Other SCA Inventions


There are a couple of other SCA inventions buried away in this book, however I won’t repeat them here.


Known World Pavan

The Known World Pavan is an SCA invention, however I have left it the pavannes section because it is closely tied to Arbeau's pavan. The Known World is definitely in the style of Arbeau’s pavan, if you tie some of the loose bits up here and there.



Also the Courante, although conforming to the steps described by Arbeau has basically had an invented choreography attached. There are no period courante choreographies in existence, so we are forced to make them up if we want to dance them.


Canaries and Galliards

Il Canario and the Galliard were always intended, in period, to be improvised rather than choreographed dances, although a good galliard or canario improviser would have several, or possibly even several dozen galliard or canario snippets or variations in his or her head to be recalled at will. Aemilia's Il Canario and Maeve's Volta are included in this book to illustrate what can be achieved when fixing some of the canario and galliard improvisations to a set choreography.