The Shire of Isles, Toons & Trips, Vol 1-3

"This music, called Toots & Trips, was played in the Shire of the Isles on the eve of the 31st day of January, a.s. xxvi (being 1992 in the common reckoning), by the Consortium Islesium, namely, Baroness Bronwyn ferch Morgan & Lord Robert Ruadh of the Isles playing recorders, tin whistles & flutes, with Lady Robynne the Grey playing bones & calling the steps for the dancers of the Shire, namely, dance mistress Lady Gabriella, Lady Theresa, Lady Gabrielle, Emrys, & others whose names were not recorded.

The Shire of the Isles is on the coast of northern Caid, in a place which is known mundanely as Santa Barbara, California.

Recording was done on a Marantz mono portable cassette recorder on Maxell XLII tape with the proper bias & 70-microsecond equalization, using a single overhead directional microphone, a Shure similar to the SM58."

My CD has all songs except for: Black Alman and Hole In the Wall.

Arbeaus BasseDanze (Caidan Meausure)Consortium IslesiumMP3
Black AlmanConsortium IslesiumMP3
Black NagConsortium IslesiumMP3
Chiaranzula (Maltese) BransleConsortium IslesiumMP3
Gathering PeascodsConsortium IslesiumMP3
GoddessesConsortium IslesiumMP3
Hearts EaseConsortium IslesiumMP3
Hole in the WallConsortium IslesiumMP3
Jenny Pluck PearsConsortium IslesiumMP3
Juice of the BarleyConsortium IslesiumMP3
KorobushkaConsortium IslesiumMP3
Road to LisonvarnaConsortium IslesiumMP3
Maanschaft PavaneConsortium IslesiumMP3
St. MartinsConsortium IslesiumMP3
Offical BransleConsortium IslesiumMP3
If all the World were PaperConsortium IslesiumMP3
Picking of SticksConsortium IslesiumMP3
Rufty Tufty 1Consortium IslesiumMP3
Rufty Tufty 2Consortium IslesiumMP3
Scotland the BraveConsortium IslesiumMP3
Sellingers RoundConsortium IslesiumMP3
Washerwomans BransleConsortium IslesiumMP3
WhirligigConsortium IslesiumMP3
Strip the WillowConsortium IslesiumMP3
WoodicockConsortium IslesiumMP3
CreditsConsortium IslesiumMP3

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