Pizocara, by Domenico. Four couples. Difficulty = Level 2

Steps:Sempio (in 6), Doppio (in 6), Ripresa (in 6), Meza Ripresa (in 6), Saltarello (in 6), Piva (in 6), Reverenza.

Starting Position
Start:Four couples, facing up the hall, partners holding hands, women on the right. The couples are one behind the other, Couple 1 in front, with four steps between couples.
Section I (4 bars in 6/8, three times)
[Two-bar introduction on accompanying music]

Bars 5-6, (3rd and 4th Time),
The Women Circling Their Partners.
(3 times)
12 Pive, starting Left. Drop hands.
Section II (2 bars in 6/8, played four times)
(2 times)
Men 4 Pive, starting Left, circling partners clockwise.
(2 times)
Women same, circling counterclockwise.
(All dancers are back to their starting positions.)
Section III (2 bars in 6/4)
7 Men Reverenza Right, each taking his partner's hand.
8 All Ripresa Right, then drop hands.
Section IV (4 bars in 6/4, played three times)
(3 times)
Men Sempio Left, Sempio Right, 11 Doppii, starting Left, all following Man 1, passing in front of Woman 1, weaving through the women to the bottom of the line, then coming straight up the right side, to end beside their partners. (Everyone is facing up the hall, Couple 1 at the front, but Men are on the right side.)
Section V (2 bars in 6/4)

Section IV
13 Women Reverenza Left, each taking her partner's hand.
14 All Ripresa Left, then drop hands.
Section VI (10 bars in 6/8)
15Women switch weight onto right foot.
16-24Women 9 Saltarelli, starting Left, weaving around Men, in the same pattern as Men did in Section IV and ending beside and to the right of their partners. (Everyone is facing up the hall, Couple 1 at the front, with Women on the right.)
Section VII (6 bars in 6/8, played 3 times)
25-26 Couple 1 does 2 Meze Riprese, Woman 1 to Right, Man 1 to Left.
27-30 Couples 2-4, holding hands, does 4 Pive, starting on Outside feet (Women Right, Men Left), moving through the center of Couple 1. (Couple 2 is at the front of the set, followed by Couple 3, who are about even with Couple 1, and Couple 4 is at the rear.)
(2nd time)
Couple 2 separates with 2 Meze Riprese, as Couple 1 did.
(2nd time)
Couple 3 and Couple 4 move up with 4 Pive, starting on Outside feet. (Now Couple 3 is in front of Couple 4, while Couple 2 is to the side, a bit behind Couple 4, and Couple 1 is behind Couple 2.)
(3rd time)
Couple 3 separates with 2 Meze Riprese, as Couple 1 did.
(3rd time)
Couple 4 moves up with 4 Pive, starting Left. (The set has now been inverted, with Couple 4 together at the front. Couple 3, then Couple 2, and last Couple 1 are behind them, all six still separated from their partners.)
Repeat the dance, with Couple 4 leading. The other dancers rejoin their partners as they start the pive.

Bars 27-30

Bars 27-30 (2nd time)

Bars 25-26 and Bars 27-30 (3rd time)


Forse - Four-bar introduction. Section V is only one bar, so leave out the women's reverenza. The dance is played four times through.

Music Leonardo - No introduction. Works with this reconstruction. The saltarello section (Section VI) is strongly in 3/4 so it may feel awkward to use the saltarello as described in this manual. The dance is played twice, with a short pause between.

Sonare - Four-bar introduction. Section V is only one bar, so leave out the women's reverenza. The dance is played four times.

Dance Notes

Starting position: PnD says that the couples start three steps apart, but we find that a wider distance works better. During the weaves of Sections IV and VI dancers usually have to learn to shorten their steps in order to not finish too soon, and in the last section, it is plain that the distance between couples is covered in two pive.

Section I: No starting foot is given in the sources.

Bar 13: The sources do not have this reverenza, only mentioning the ripresa left. However, there is an extra bar here, and Bars 7-8 are similar to Bars 13-14, so a choreographic similarity can also be expected. Because it is a common pattern to have the women mirror whatever action the men had previously performed we decided to have the women do the second reverenza.

Section VI: As is common, no foot is given on which the women start their saltarelli. Since Woman 1 will be stepping on the right foot immediately after this section, starting the saltarelli on the left leaves her ready on the correct foot.

There are ten bars of music for this section. The first one may have been meant for the initial movimento that is often mentioned at the beginning of saltarello sections. We use it to allow the women to change weight.

Bars 27-30: No foot is given upon which to start these pive. We decided on outside feet, so that everyone is ready to perform the meze riprese on the correct foot, except the last time, when Couple 4 start on the left foot, as they will be starting the dance over on the left foot, immediately afterwards.

Repeat: No repeat is specified in PnD, but as the set has ended inverted such that a repeat will return them to their starting positions, and as Sc does say to repeat the dance, we chose to repeat the dance.

Music Notes

In PnD, Section III is a two-bar phrase played five times (though the "5" resembles an "S" and is thus ambiguous). This is followed by a four-bar phrase that does not repeat. In PnG, on the other hand, Section III does not repeat and Section IV is marked with a "3". We chose to follow PnG because we felt it fit the dance better.