These are all the recordings of 15th-century balli that we have used, or listened to sufficiently to figure that they are unusable, not including computer-generated music. For each cassette or CD we list only the balli, using the name that appears for that recording. If the name is more than a little different than what we use for that dance (such as Jupiter, which is also called Jove or Giove) we include the name that we use, in brackets.

The name of each piece will either be in bold, if it is usuable without modification, or underlined, if it can be used with slight modification. Pieces that are not usable with our reconstructions, or for which our reconstruction would have to be modified heavily, will be included at the end of the list of pieces, with information on what makes them unsuitable for use with our reconstruction. Other information on the pieces is included in the Recordings section for that specific dance.

Bel Danzare = Il Bel Danzare, Dances of the Courts of Europe circa 1500, Sirinu. Dolmetch Historical Dance Society, 1995. Cassette. A book is available to accompany this.

Between = Between the Lines, On the Mark, 1996. CD.

Cour = La cour du Roi Rene (At the Court of King Rene). Ensemble Perceval, Arion ARN 68104. CD.

Dances Courts 2 = Dances from the Courts of Europe (2) Italian Renaissance (15th C) and Caroso and Negri Dances, Eglinton Productions. Cassette. Accompanies the Nonsuch Early Dance booklet by Peggy Dixon.

Pieces we don't suggest using with our reconstructions are:

Dances Courts 9 = Dances from the Courts of Europe (9) First Supplement (1989) : 12th-19thC, Eglinton Productions. Cassette. Accompanies the Nonsuch Early Dance booklet by Peggy Dixon.

Danzare = Danzare et Sonare, The Longslade Consort. The Longslade Consort TLC 7. Cassette. A book is available to accompany this. (Available from Diana Cruickshank, same address as Dolmetch Historical Dance Society.)

Eloge du vin et de la vigne, La Maurache. Arion CD ARN 68248. CD.
This CD has three dances, Gelosia, Amoroso, and Anello, but they are played as a suite, with the wrong internal repeats (usually none at all). None of them are therefore usable.

Forse = Forse Che Si, Forse Che No, Ferrara Ensemble. Fonti Musicali fmd 182. CD.

Light = Light of the North, Lady Marian of Heatherdale. Heather M. Dale, privately produced. Cassette.

Mesura = Mesura et Arte del Danzare. Balli Italiani del Quattrocento. Accademia Viscontea i Musicanti. Ducale CDL 002. CD

Music Leonardo = Music in the Age of Leonardo da Vinci, Ensemble Claude-Gervaise, Musica Viva MVC 1022. Cassette, also available on CD, but there are only 4 tracks for the 22 pieces, so can be difficult to use.

La Vida de Culin (La Vita di Cholino) is also on this recording, but it is the full song, which has a third part not needed for the dance. It would need to be spliced to fit our reconstruction.

Music Richard = Music from the time of Richard III, The York Waits. Saydisc CD_SDL 364. CD.

Mercantia is also included, but we don't consider it usable. There are only two repeats, the speeds chosen are uncomfortable, and the last five sections were sufficiently hard to follow that we can't even specify if they can be adapted or are merely confusing.

Musica XV = Musica del XV secolo in Italia, Ars Italica, Tactus TC 40012201. CD.

Musica Italiana = La Musica Italiana del XV Secolo, Sine Nomine. Quadrivium SCA 040. CD.

This also has La Vida de Colin (La Vita di Cholino), which is the song related to the dance. It has a third section not included in our reconstruction, which would have to be removed in order to make it usable.

Ren = Renaissance Dances, Lionel Rogg, positif organ and The Ancient Instrument Ensemble of Zurich. CBS Records, YT 60036. Cassette.

Return = Return of the Pipers, The Philadelphia Renaissance Wind Band. Newport Classics NPD 85567. CD.

Rose&Nefr = Rose & Nefr Dance Tape 2, Jararvellir Music Guild, privately produced. Accompanies the Rose & Nefr Dance Manual.

Also has Verceppe, but this recording has enough differences (including the bassadanza sections being played at the same speed as the saltarelli, only playing 8 instead of 12 saltarelli, for Section I, not playing Section I at the beginning of the repeat, but only at the end, and Section II is 7 instead of 6.5 bars) that we don't suggest using it with our reconstruction.

SCA Dance = SCA Dance Musicke Vol II, The Companions of St. Cecilia, privately produced. Cassette. A book is available to accompany this.

Sonare = Sonare et Balare, Dances from 15th c. Italy and France, The Bedford Waits. The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society, 1990. Cassette. A book is available to accompany this.

To Celebrate = To Celebrate a Prince, Dances of the time of Lorenzo de Medici, Alta. Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society, 1992. Cassette. A book is available to accompany this.

La Vida de Colin, Sine Nomine. Quadrivium. CD.
The only ballo on the CD is Petit Vriens It is nice and lively, but the repeat pattern is wrong, so is unusable.

Viva Rey Fernando, Renaissance music from the Neopolitan Court 1442-1556, Hesperion XX Jordi Savall, Veritas VER 5 61222 2 PM 516. CD
There are two pieces on this CD, neither of which we advise using. Figlie Guilielmin (Fia Guielmina) is played thorughout as a bassadanza - it can work, but is quite tricky, and will need a bit of adjustment. The other piece is labelled as Collinetto, but is actually La Vida de Colin (Vita di Cholino). It has a third section which is not used in our reconstruction.

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