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Updates for the 2nd edition of Joy & Jealousy:

Corrections for Joy and Jealousy, (except spelling mistakes and minor grammatical errors that were corected in the 2nd printing). Corrections made in the 2nd printing are followed by [2]. Changes to the diagrams are listed at the bottom. Corrections that are more serious are in bold.

p 1 = 2nd para, the parentheses with "(Sparti: P 58, n. 41)" should be a footnote.

p 6 = para 6: "with the Ambrosio's instruction" drop the "the"

p 13 = in the "In 6" description: "bassadanza tempo" should be in italics

= 2nd paragraph of text, starting with "Meze continenze", the 2nd to last sentance: "... quadernaria, and may be a description ..." should be changed to "... quadernaria, and may be part of a description ..."

p 25 = Last Para, 3rd line "... saltarelli, but this ..." should be changed to "... saltarelli, but we believe this ..."

p 31 Footnote 71, Partita Crudele example: "..returning with ..." should be " ... nearly returning with ..."

pp 32,33 = Move last para of page 33 (the one that starts " The ripresa ghalopata ...") so it becomes the 2nd para of page 32 (so the paragraph that is moved comes before the heading for Meza Ripresa.)

p 41 = last para: Mercant,a should be Mercantia

p 43 = Para5, under "In 6": Sobria should be in italics.

p 46 = The last line should read: "Bar 11 Man 1 Ripresa Right." [2]

p 47 = Heading for Section I should say "Section I (4 bars of 4/4 three times)"

p 50 = The list of steps needed should not include "Doppio (in 4)" [2]

p 54 = Bar 11-12: should add "The doppio is done in two bars of 6/8, as if they were one bar of 4/4."

p 55 = Bars 13-16, 2nd paragraph: ".. end of his doppio." should be ".. end of his doppio in bars 11-12."

p 57 = The list of steps needed should specify that the Continenza is done (in 6). [2]

p 58 = Para1: "... while the movimento is presumed to be part ..." would be a little more accurate as

"... while we presumed that the movimento is part ..."

p 64 = The list of steps needed should add "Ripresa (in 6)". [2]

p 65 = end of Bar 19: (They are now 13 steps apart) should become (They are now about 13 steps apart)

p 70 = The list of steps needed should not include "Doppio (in 4)". [2]

= 5-6 (2nd time): "to the" is missing a space

p 71 = Variations, 1st para: " ... replace the saltarelli with doppii, and the contrapassi with pive (which are double speed doppii) ..." should become " ... replace the saltarelli with 'doubles', and the contrapassi with 'fast doubles' ..."

= Variations, 2nd para, 3rd line = "Woman 2 around the front of each" should be "Woman 2 around each".

= Recordings, Variation B, last line: after "mezavolta" add: "(using 2 steps and a pause)"

p 73 = 2nd line = start should be starts.

p 76 = Dance Notes, 2nd paragraph: "PnD" should be "PnG"

p 78 = Bar 1: add "(no step)"

= Bar 19-22: change "Repeat 15-18." to "Repeat steps of 15-18 (the tune is different.)

p 81 = Titles of diagrams for 'Bar 6, 7 and 8' and for 'Bars 11-13' should add "(1st time)" [2]

= Bar 9-10, should read "Sempio Left, Sempio Right, Doppio Left, all moving forward."

p 82 = Titles for diagram for 'Bars 16-17' should add "(1st time)" [2]

p 85 = Steps needed should change "Doppio (in 4 and 6)" to "Doppio (in 6)", and Continenza should have (in 6) added. [2]

p 86 = Diagram should line up with its text better (ie drop down a bit, so not mistaken for normal Section IV.)

p 91 = Bar 23: change "Leap onto the Right ..." to "Leap forward onto the Right ..."

p 92 = 1st para, should read:

Mesura - Four-bar introduction. Section III is fifteen bars long instead of thirteen. A modification which works with this music is to add two reverenze left (Man doing one first, then Woman) at the end of the Section. (This is different than the modification suggested in the 1st edition of Joy and Jealousy, and was changed in 2001.)" The last section is only five bars long, so the final leap and pause need to be dropped. In order to end on the correct foot, the doppio of Bar 22 should have four steps instead of the usual three. The dance is repeated.

= 2nd para: change : ... usual three." to "... usual three, and the final leap and pause should be dropped."

p 93 = In the paragraph that beings "Third, ...": change "There is a lone sempio in the steps ..." to "There is a lone sempio (in Bar 14 of the choreography) ...". Also, add a period to the end of the paragraph.

p 94 = The list of steps needed should have "Ripresa (in 4)" instead of "Ripresa (in 6)". [2]

= Bars 1-4: after " ... introduction ...." add "(no step)"

p 97 = Section III, IV and V = remove the "two bars are danced as if one bar in 4/4" note in the heading to each section.

p 103 = 6-13 (2nd time), should say"Repeat, switching roles. (They end in the starting position.)"

p 111 = Bars 18-19 (3rd time): add " across the set." to the end of the italic section.

p 112 = Bars 38-41, change: "... and turning to face down the hall," to "... turning to face down the hall at the end,"

p 120 = Steps: change ".. Meza Ripresa (in 3 and in 6)..." to read ".. Meza Ripresa (in 3 [in Section II] and in 6 [in Section VI])..."

p 122 = First figure should say "Bars 15-17 (four repeats, 1st time)" not "Bars 15-17 (four repeats)". [2]

p 125 = Section VIII, Bar 42-42 should be Bar 42-43

p 133 = Last 2 figures should say (1st time)

p 134 = The third line, which starts with:

as Woman 1 Doppio Right ....

should be:

as Woman 2 Doppio Right ....

p 136 = Last sentance, italics for Verse V, should read: "The dancers end as they started the hey, in a small triangle, Men facing up the hall, Woman down.)"

p 141 = Section IV, the second paragraph should read:

Bar 9 (2nd time): No starting direction is given for the hey. The choice made results in the

dancers starting in the same directions as they just did in Bars 9-16 (1st time), which we think is

easier to remember.

= Paragraph starting Bars 5-8: should read Bars 9-16 (2nd time):

========= ===============

The following diagrams have been changed in some printings of the 2nd edition.

19 = 3rd diagram (The Second Exchange) should be clearer whose path is whose.

20 = 2nd diagram (The Fifth Exchange) also should be clearer whose path is whose.

54 = 4th diagram (Bars 13-16) should show Man2 doing a mezavolta, and adding hands would be good.

70 = slight correction to diagrams for Bar 8 and Bar 12-14 (2nd time) (adding hands.)

95 = diagram ought to have hands added (reaching for.)

100 = 2nd diagram (Bars 5-6) should be neatened slightly, so dancers line up.

112 = 2nd diagram (Bars 38-41, 1st Time) Man 1 ends the voltatonda with a mezavolta, so is facing the woman.

112 = 3rd diagram (Bars 38-41, 2nd Time) Woman's voltatonda should be clearer (she isn't really dancing around where Man1 winds up, but through his future space.)

117 = 3rd diagram (Section III) should have all pivot turns clockwise not counterclockwise.

120 = Starting Position = Dancers with ribbons should show them.

136 = Last Diagram (Verse IV, Bar 4) should have hands shown for Woman and Man 1, reaching for each other.

139 = Diagram for Section III, Bars 1-3 should be clearer - they are not doing a Mezavolta.

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