Lady Marian of Heatherdale

Dances by the Marian Ensemble
A collection of Medieval, Renaissance and SCA folk dances

Out of Print!
This CD has been replaced by Lady Marians Dances by the Marian Ensemble.

All instruments performed by Heather Dale (Lady Marian of Heatherdale)

You may also find vocal music by Lady Marian on another web page. She has an exceptional voice and will be releasing a commerical CD in the Fall of 1999. Some of her songs tell tales of Ealdormere from the past decade.

All arrangements copyright (p)(c) 1996, 1998 Heather M. Dale (SOCAN). Produced and Engineered by Heather Dale at Amphisbaena Studio (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Hammered Dulcimer, Alto and Soprano Wooden Recorders, Cornetto, Bodhran Drum, Vocals and Synthesizer performed by Heather Dale.

Thanks to Vivian Stephens (Mistress Rosina del Bosco Chiaro) for practical advice on the arrangements, and to Eric Praetzel (Lord Eric of Bryniau) for digitally mastering and manufacturing the CDs.

A collection of Medieval, Renaissance and popular SCA folk dances, performed and arranged by Heather Dale, a professional musician in Ontario, Canada. She performs regularly as Lady Marian of Heatherdale within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a worldwide historical re-enactment organization dedicated to the social study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

All tracks have been previously released on Heather Dale's cassettes "Light of the North" and "Bow to the Crown".
For more information on Heather's music, check out her website at

Contact information: Heather Dale
c/o Amphisbaena Music
4100 Ponytrail Drive, Suite 904
Mississauga, ON, Canada L4W 2Y1

Note: This music is covered by copyright and is not freely distributable. A $2 Cdn royality fee is required for each copy of the music. For that reason all of the Real Audio music on this web page is a partial version of each song.

Black NagMP3
Ballo del FioreMP3
Female SailorMP3
Gathering PeascodsMP3
Hole in the WallMP3
Il CanarioMP3
La Vita di CholinoMP3
Maltese BransleMP3
Petit RiensMP3
Rufty TuftyMP3

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