The Tape of Dance 1

I've converted the music from the excellent tape, The Tape of Dance 1, to MP3's for your dancing pleasure.
Ballo del Fiore (4x)The Carolingian JongleursMP3
Hole In the Wall (fast)Pandemonium
Hole In the Wall (slow)The Debatable Consort
Hyde ParkThe Debatable ConsortMP3
Parsons Farewell (slow)PandemoniumMP3
The Return of SpringThe Debatable ConsortMP3

The Tape of Dance Volume 1 is (c) 1991 Mark Waks.
All performances are copyright by the performers. Permission is granted to copy this music for non-profit use within historical recreation or educational groups so long as a copy of the attribution and copyright notice (insert) is kept with all copies of the music. Any other use requires the permission of the performers and editors. In particular, copies of the music may not be sold without permission.
The Tape of Dance 1 music accompanies dances in the first volume of LOD.
The Letter of Dance is a newsletter of Renaissance dance.

The Debatable Consort:
Ellisif Flakkingskvinne (Monica Cellio) hammer dulcimer
Robin the Just (Robert Stockton) harp, musical director
Remus Fletcher (Ron Schwoegl) recorders
Alaric MacConall (Robert Smith): recorders Esmeralda la Sabia (Andrea Gansley-Ortiz) flute
Ewen Dambrycg (Jim Matterer) recorders
Christoph the Pathfinder (Chris Newell) drums
Michael (Mike Stephan) recorders
Martin de Nesle (Dan Davis) guitar
(Lisa Lazar) flute
Jody: flute
Arrangements: Hole in the Wall, Black Nag, Hyde Park arranged by Robert Stockton (Robin the Just)
Return of Spring melody by Monica Cellio & arranged by Robert Stockton

The Carolingian Jongleurs:
Eliane Esperance bass & alto recorders, director
Tibicen Blackmane: tenor recorder
Thome de Laurent: alto recorder
Franz Joder von Joderhuebel: soprano recorder, cymbals
Davide Michelotto: tenor recorder
Ygraine of Kellswood: harp
Guillaume Barberouge: trombone
Justin du Coeur: hammered dulcimer
Harald Longfellow: drum, sound engineer
Arrangements: Ballo del Fiore by Eliane Esperance

Henri-Michel du Bois (John J. Bagorazzi): alto recorder, flute, percussion
Phelan ap Emrys (Jeremy Kessler): soprano recorder, tenor crumhorn
Geoffrey Chamberlain (Jeffrey L. Rothman): soprano recorder & cornamuse, tenor crumhorn, rackettt, clarinet, synthesizer
Miranda Flamekeeper (Fem R. Frankavillo): soprano recorder, percussion
Rosamond de Toumai (Eva Z. Rothman): lute, guitar, percussion
Arrangements: Return of Spring & Tourdion arranged by Eva Rothman (Rosamond de Toumai)
Hole in the Wall arranged by Eva and Jeffrey Rothman (Geoffrey Chamberlain)

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