The Letter of Dance Tape of Dance 4

The Tape of Dance Volume 4 is (c)(p) 2001 Bill Street Jr. (Letter of Dance).

All performances are copyright by the performers. Permission is granted to copy this music for non-profit use within historical recreation groups so long as the insert is retained. Any other use requires the permission of the performers.
SongBandMP3 file
Mixed Bransles
Cassandra BransleDebatable Consort MP3
Bransle PinagayWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Bransle CharlotteCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Aridan BransleDebatable ConsortMP3
Mimed Bransles
Clog BransleWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Horses BransleCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Candlestick / TorchCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Gavotte BransleWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Gay BransleCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Haut BarroisWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Hermits BransleWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Bransle de la HayWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Arbeau Maltese Br.Waytes of CarolingiaMP3
Montarde BransleCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Official BransleCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Poitou BransleWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Scottish BransleCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Belle Qui / TurdionCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Belle Qui / TurdionCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
GalliardCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Inns of Court
Queen's AlmanConsort Con CaloreMP3
15th C Italian
GelosiaCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
MercantiaEnsemble RigodonMP3
Petit VriensWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
SobriaWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
VereppeCarolingian guild of Jongleurs (1976)MP3
Bassa GioiosaConsort Con CaloreMP3
Contentezza d'AmoreConsort Con CaloreMP3
Gloria D'AmoreWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
Leggiadria D'AmoreConsort Con CaloreMP3
Passo e Mezzo / Dolce Amoroso FiammaWaytes of CarolingiaMP3
NonsuchUnknownTrack Deleted from CD
SicilianaConsort Con CaloreMP3

Ensemble Rigodon (mka On the Mark):
Ellisif Flakkari (Monica Cellio): director, hammer dulcimer
Elsbeth Anne Roth (Kathryn Van Stone): guitar, cortal, recorders
Erik Browne: recorders
Marian Greenleaf (Marion Kee):double bass
Alaric MacConnal (Robert Smith): recorders
Arr. (c) 1996 Monica Cellio. Recordings from "Between the Lines."

The Debatable Consort
Alaric MacConnal (Robert Smith): recorders
Arslan ibn Da'ud (Dave Svoboda): fiddle
Dani of the Seven Wells (Dani Zweig): recorders
Rouland Carre (Richard Hershberger): guitar
Karl Meister: flute
Lorayne Alman arr. (C) 1994 Robert Smith

Consort Con Calore: Directed by Alisha Buttke

Carolingian Guild of Jongleurs (1976):
Excerpted from "The Complete Carolingian Dance Tapes (Version 2)", (c) 1976, with the permission of Patri du Chat Gris.

The Waytes of Carolingia:
Angharad of Mitgaard, Airianhwyvar verch Morgant, Aurylia Bryhtwyn, Allyson Wintersun, Franz Joder von Joderheubel, Gabrielle Wayte of Carolingia, Godith Anyon, Isolde of Beaumaris, John de Caversham, Tibicen Blackmane (director), Yocef Abulafia,
Percussion: Federach mac Cian, Harald Longfellow, John Irongut
With help from Maeva inn rauda Steingrimsdotter, Gwendolyn of Middlemarch.
Arrangements by: Aurylia Bryhtwyn, Godith Anyon, Cwendolyn of Middlemarch, and Tibicen, (c) 1996.
Grateful thanks to Pryder mab Aurddolen (recording engineer); ken Porter; Gloria Jacobs of TERC, Inc. for the loan of equipment; Caterina Sichling vonNurnberg for making a party of the first recording session; and Roselyne L'Estrangere, Daniele du Padola, and all the other dancers who turned out to keep us in line. "We are Carolingians! Death before dishonor!"

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