The Incomplete Arbeau Tape of Dance

This music is (c) Joseph Casazza 1981.
He has an excellent Arbeau web page with plenty of information about this music.
Bell QuiMP3
Bransle AridanMP3
Bransle BurgundianMP3
Bransle CandlestickMP3
Bransle CassandraMP3
Bransle CharlottMP3
Bransle ClogMP3
Bransle CorrantMP3
Bransle DoubleMP3
Bransle GayMP3
Bransle Guerre (War)MP3
Bransle Haut BarroisMP3
Bransle Hermits (Le Roy)MP3
Bransle HorsesMP3
Bransle MalteseMP3
Bransle MontardeMP3
Bransle OfficalMP3
Bransle Pease (Le Roy)MP3
Bransle PinagayMP3
Bransle PoitouMP3
Bransle ScottishMP3
Bransle SingleMP3
Bransle Suite (Dbl, Burg., Haut, Dbl)MP3
Bransle TrihoryMP3
Bransle WasherwomensMP3
Galliard AntoinetteMP3
Galliard I Would Rather Lie AloneMP3
Galliard WearinessMP3
Galliard Whether I Love or noMP3

Credits The keyboardist was Ira Braus.
Elizabeth Cain was the percussionist.
We would have liked to have used virginals, but had to settle for a harpsichord. We added drum for the sake of clarity of rhythm for dancers, most of whom are probably not accustomed to dancing to harpsichord alone.
The music is keyboard settings of four-part music, mostly my (Joseph Casazza) arrangements. In some cases (the pieces identified as being from Le Roy, Phalese or those known from contemporary sources, such as the Pavan Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (Arbeau's four part arrangement) the pieces are my transcriptions of the original music.
Biographical Information Ira Braus was a graduate student in Music at Harvard University at the time of the recording.
Elizabeth Cain, PhD (SCA Mistress Elspeth of Morven OL, OSC, QOC, first Vicar of Carolingia, creator of the Carolingian orders of the Daystar and the Moon, and twice Mistress of the Carolingian Guild of Jongleurs) was also a graduate student at Harvard University at the time (in Medieval Music and Liturgical History).
Joseph Casazza, MA - SCA Giuseppe Casazza) served in the SCA as Carolingia's Chancellor of the Exchequer and Seneschal, and am a member of the Carolingian Order of the Moon and the Bryn Gwlad (Ansteorra) Order of the Halberd. Back to my home page