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This music is sold with a royalty going to the musicians.
You can buy the CD and booklet from Greg Lindahl, Trahaearn & Janelyn, Del or myself.
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The booklet is on-line in HP-PCL format (ZIPped) for laser printers.

Greg Lindahl has put the concordance and introduction on his web page.
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Now available: a CD of music for Dances from the Inns of Court, and a companion booklet with historical data, reconstruction notes, and dance reconstructions.
As the culmination of our recent research on dances that were performed at the Inns of Court in London between 1570 and 1675, we produced a booklet which includes:
* An introductory article: discusses historical background on the Inns (providing cultural context for these dances), information about the period sources, and a discussion of the process of reconstructing these dances. Includes bibliography and discography.
* 10 Dance pages: Each page has one dance on it, with a reconstruction of the dance, period melody line, original text, specific notes about the reconstruction, and information about available recordings of the music.
* A concordance of dance descriptions: For the eight dances of the Old Measures, we have created a concordance, which puts all the different texts (6 different sources for most dances) in a tabular form for easy cross-comparison. This concordance is based on Wilson's transcription, which corrects some errors in Cunningham's work.
In preparing the discography for this project, we discovered that there are very few available recordings of the music for these dances. Musicke for Dauncinge (the companion tape to the Pugliese and Casazza book) had 11 dances, but it's been out of print for a while. Other than that, there were a _few_ available recordings of Black Alman, Queen's Alman, Quadran Pavan, and Madame Sosilia, but you had to scrape a bit to find them.
So, we challenged our local musicians to a project. They have produced a CD of dance music for this repertoire, which includes ten dances. Each dance has two versions, one version with the number of repeats prescribed by the period sources (typically one or two) and one version with 4 repeats (which we've found to be the most workable number... long enough to give dancers a chance to gain familiarity with the dance and relax into it a bit, but not so long as to bore people). The music is played on recorders, vielle, shawm, harp, and hurdy gurdy, and it's all been extensively play-tested by our local dancers. It's got a nice enjoyable sound, and, even better, it's all workable to dance to!
These items can be ordered for $10.00 (includes CD, booklet, and postage). The CD itself is $6.00. Our physical address is: Peter and Janelle Durham, 14025 NE 6th Pl, Bellevue, WA 98007

Trahaearn and Janelyn / Peter and Janelle

Note: These files are only sound "bites" of the actual songs because a royalty must be paid for a copy of the music

Alman BlackMP3
Alman LorayneMP3
Alman Madam SosiliaMP3
Alman NewMP3
Alman OldMP3
Alman QueensMP3
Earl of Essex MeasureMP3
Pavan QuadranMP3

Recording Copyright (c) 1997 Jouissance
Arrangements (c) 1990, 1991 Joseph Casazza, used with permission
Additional arrangements (c) 1997 Laurel Uhlig, Joanne Andrus, Pat Reed
Recording by Gary Uhlig and Glen Uhlig, 1997.
Digital editing and mastering by Peter Durham.
Dance advisers: Peter and Janelle Durham, and Madrone Dance Guild.
A companion booklet is available, which includes historical information on the Inns of Court, a concordance of primary sources, and reconstructions of all of the dances.
$3 from Peter and Janelle Durham
Jouissance was formed in1994 as a dance band to accompany the Madrone Dance Guild of the Scoiety for Creative Anachronism. Its members have performed at many Renaissance faires and weddings in the Seattle area, for the Seattle Recorder Society, the Washington Shakespearean Festival, and the annual Folklife Festival.
Jouissance is:
Laurel Uhlig: Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass Recorders, Treble Shawm, Celtic Harp, Vielle, Drum
Joanne Andrus: Soprano, Alto & Tenor Recorders, Hurdy-gurdies, Claves
Patricia Reed: Alto & Bass Recorders, Tamborine, Zils, Drum
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