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Welcome to my caving site. This is an outgrowth of my original cave page (now the Cave Tour page), which I created way back in 1994. At the time I couldn't find any caving pictures on the web. Also, I was giving slide shows a few times a year to interest people in joining my caving trips and wanted a more permanent venue for the images. The result was one of the first caving sites on the web.

Since then a lot of caving material has gone up on the web, but I haven't done much to improve my site. I'm working on a major upgrade to it now, including expanding this page (and maybe renaming it) and adding more pages of photos and caving related material. I'm even working on some Quicktime V.R.s to show 360 degree panoramas inside one of the caves. I recently went on a major expedition to caves in three states and hope to put a lot of new pictures on the site soon. Stay tuned!

Kyle McKenzie

What's New?

September 3, 1998: I added another story to the "Tales from Underground" section.

August 31, 1998: I added a "What's New?" section, and expanded and organized the "Useful Caving Links" section.

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These are all pages within my site. I expect the unlinked items in the list to be created in the near future.

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These are pages put up by people I've caved with.

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These are links I find useful. I'm not going to attemp any sort of comprehensive list.

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  • Commercial Caves of the United States
  • The Canadian Cave and Karst Info Server

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