Homage to Amour 16th C dance music

You can order tapes from Angene Feves directly at
70 Karol Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-3505, USA. The cost is $12 US for the tape + shipping $1.50 (USA) / $2.50 (Canada & Mexico) / $5.00 (elewhere). All prices are in US dollars and current as of July 1998.

I was going to release a CD ($12 US royalty) as I was given permission on May 22, 1998 but Angene Feves revoked permission in July 1998 so that she can produce the CD herself.
As of June 2002 she has not produced a CD yet.

Here is a list of dances on the tape. I've been told that they are all from Il Ballarino:
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