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Taken from our constitution:

Section 1.

Membership shall consist of:

(1) Square Dance Callers (Caller Members)

(2) Associate Members who have been duly accepted onto the membership of the Association and whose dues are fully paid in accordance with the constitution.

Section 2.

A Square Dance Caller shall be a person who has called at dances where the traditional Canadian style of square and couple dancing was a major part of the program and who has qualified under Section 5 of Article III.

Section 3.

An Associate Member shall be a person who has contributed in any measure to the instruction, promotion, improvement or support of the traditional Canadian style of square and couple dancing.

Section 4.

Each candidate for membership must join the Association as an Associate Member. Application should be made on the application form approved by the Association and must be accompanied by the initiation fee ($3.00) and the annual membership dues ($10.00) in effect at the time of application. All applications are subject to approval by a majority vote of the Association Executive at a regularly called Executive Meeting or at an Executive Meeting convened specifically for that purpose.

Section 5.

i) Associate Members may apply at any time in writing to the President for admission as a Caller Member.

ii) Applicants shall demonstrate their ability to call a variety of changes to various tempos of music, including jigs and reels, prior to acceptance as a Caller Member.

iii) Applicants shall be assessed by a "Selection Committee", composed of three (3) Caller Members, and appointed by the Executive as required. The assessment will normally occur at a location where the applicant is calling. The results of the Selection Committee shall be referred by the President to the Executive Committee for acceptance or rejection.

iv) If it is not possible for the assessment to take place at a dance, the applicant may submit three (3) calls to at least one jig & one reel tempos using any available medium (e.g. audio or video tape, CD's etc.) to the President, who will refer them to the Executive Committee for acceptance or rejection.



Canadian Olde Tyme Square Dance Callers' Association
Application Form for membership

Full Name _____________________________________________________

Complete Address ______________________________________________________________________


Phone Number ______ - __________- _______________

Email - _____________________________________________

Old Tyme Square Dance Experience

[ ] Dancer [ ] Caller

___ Years of Dancing

___ Years of Calling

___ Calling at present - Yes [ ] No [ ]

Location of dance _______________________________________

[ ] Square Dance Teacher

[ ] Square Dancer Promoter

Please print off this form and mail along with a cheque for $13, payable to 'COTSDCA', to Wallace Boustead, 70 Willowridge Road, Etobicke, ON M9R 3Z4