Ansteorran - Early Period Dance Music

(c) 1996, 1999 R.G. Ferrell (Cynric of Bedwyn)

NOTE: I sell a CD which has only 1/2 (the 28 tracks below) of the tracks on the original 2 CD set!

Here is how Cynric of Bedwyn describes his music:
I made a CD to accompany Avatar's two-volume music book "Early Period Dance Music," which is the definitive collection of Ansteorran music. Many of the arrangements have both the original scoring/key and any changes that have come about in what you might call 'practical usage.' My CD (now in its second edition) is all synthesized _but_ I spent a lot of time tweaking voices to get them as close to 'live instruments' as possible. I have a fairly nice recording studio, with some pretty heavy-duty wave tables.

I also have at least four or five CDs worth of period (not necessarily dance) music to record. I have a friend in Austin (Samuel Piper) who is absolutely obsessed with pumping out very professional-looking arrangements of period small ensemble and solo pieces. He's done the Walsingham Court Books (1588), A book of Ballads and Songs from England and Scotland (late 16th C.), Playford (English Dancing Master), Heavenly Touch by John Dowland, and two or three more (at last count), as well as Arbeau's Orchesographie.
So expect a few releases from me in the not-too-distant future containing some of the above.

Note: The music has been removed at the request of Avatar.

The following tracks on are my version of Volume 1 of this music:
1 Bransle sont des Pois
2 Brounswycke Almande
3 Candlestick Bransle
4 Casuelle la Nouvelle
5 Cuckolds All A Row
6 Dit le Burguygnon
7 Entre (Anns) Courante
8 Geud Man of Balengieh
9 Goddesses
10 Half Hannikin
11 Haste To The Wedding
12 Hit and Miss
13 Jouyssance vous Donneray
14 Mille Ducas Pavane
15 Montarde Bransle
16 Moresca
17 Nonesuch
18 Peppers Black
19 Rostiboli Gioioso
20 Scottish Bransle
21 Scotch Cap
22 Sheperd's Holiday
23 So ben mi ch'ha buon tempo
24 Spagnoletta
25 Spagnoletto
26 Tourdion
27 Upon a Summer's Day
28 War Bransle

28 tracks, 72:29 total time

Here is a list of the dates for the music sources