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All CDs for sale on this site are made with the permission of the copyright holders. In July 1998 I setup a US $ bank account to make selling these CDs easier. Around July 2005 I closed the account due to a dramatic reduction in sales, and losses with the falling US dollar.

By summer 2006 CD sales stoped. I no longer stock or make CDs. The MP3's available on this site get downloaded a lot so I assume that people use them.

The CDRs that I've used and my experiences are on my CD Liners web page

Dance CDs Sources

    Click here to email Greg ( Greg sells a set of CDs which includes many of the CDs on this web page. He does not handle mail order.
Canada &
As of 2007 I don't sell CDs any more. It seems that CD players tend to be very sensitive to CDs made by burners. As I sell the CDs at cost - every time I run into this I loose money. Some buyers have had severe problems, and CD sales are so low, that I no longer sell CDs. The MP3's are available.


The easiest way to find out exactly what is on a CD is to look at the CD Liners web page. The lists below are a list of what was on the original tape / CD when it was released. If you look at my "Notes on the Music" section below; you'll find changes that I've made. In one case (Tape of Dance 2) I could not fit all of the music onto a CD; and in other cases; I added music because there was room.
Here is a list of the dance songs on the original tape / CDs. In cases songs have been added or removed to the CDs I sell.

SCA Dance Music available on my CDs and web pages

Follow the links in the first column for more information and Real Audio music for listening.
CD info and RealAudio Music MP3 Music # of songs Music source, Date
Carolingian Incomplete Arbeau MP3 31 + 6 lengthened 59:13 cassette, 1981
Shire of the Isles Vol 1-3 from Caid MP3 25 tracks 86:30 cassette, 1992
The Tape of Dance 1 Replaced by Tape of Dance 2 cassette, 1991
The Tape of Dance 2 MP3 30 tracks 73:58 cassette, 1995
The Tape of Dance 3 MP3 22 tracks 61:15 CD, 1997
The Tape of Dance 4 MP3 33 tracks 73:35 CD, 2001
The Tape of Dance 5 This project failed!
The Companions of St. Cecilia: Vol. I MP3 22 tracks 53:00 cassette, 1990
The Companions of St. Cecilia: Vol. II MP3 27 tracks 53:00
incl. 7 tracks from Ansteorran CD
cassette, 1991
The Marian Ensemble Out of Print!
This CD has been replaced by
Dances by the Marian Ensemble.
MP3 12 tracks 38 min.
Digital Bonus
cassette, 1998
Dances from Inns of the Court
also the offical Jouissance music web page
MP3 20 tracks 34:20 CD, 1997
Ansteorran Dance Symposium AS xxvii MP3 17 tracks (aprox 36 min)
Digital Bonus
tape, 1992

Synth. Music MP3 Music # of songs Original Music Source
Ellisif's sheet music and
Joy & Jealousy book & music
MP3 24 + 9 slowed 72:13 synthesized on CD
Del's Dance Disc Out of Print!
I will make copies on special request only.
MP3's not available 29 tracks 67:53
Digital Bonus
synthesized on CD
Early Dance Music MP3's not available ONLY 28 tracks 72:29 (Compiled from a 2 CD set) synthesized on CD

Compilation CDs # of songs Music source
MP3 CD of 12 of the 13 CDs
This CD is made by special order only. Inns of Court, Marian Ensemble and Mock Hobby Horse not included
>225 tracks 8+ hours
1200+ songs of sheet music
The music is from the above CDs. Not all CDs are included. Email Eric for details.

Non-Dance CDs # of songs Music source
Heather Dale's - May Queen
11 tracks CD 2004
Heather Dale's - The Trial of Lancelot and
Her Trial of Lancelot web page with sound clips
9 tracks 39:08 CD 1999
Mock Hobby Horse 25 tracks 60:49 2 tapes 1998

Good SCA Dance Music which we don't sell

Jouyessance - Stowe's Dance band Music coming soon! ?? 2004??
Dragon Scale Consort Not available thru us. CD 2002
Courtly Dances of Western Europe 1450-1650 Not available thru us. CD 2000
Musica Subterranea
Album I
Album II - Cornucopia
Not available thru us. CD 2000
Bedlam Abbey Not available thru us.

Note: Digital Bonus CDs contain the following as digital information in addition to audio music:
  • 1200+ songs of sheet music on my web page (PDF format)
  • RealAudio music of all 10 cds [Marian & Ansteorran Dance Symposium]
  • Digital Data from the web (Letter of Dance back issues, etc etc)
  • Playford 1651 books and music from my web page (PDF format)

Dance Booklets
Inns of the Court dance booklet. Inns web page
and the offical Jouissance music web page
Courtly Dances of Western Europe, 1450-1650 dance booklet. NOT AVAILABLE THRU US. Courtly Dances booklet
Joy & Jealousy book. J&J web page
Eric's Dance Booklet (cheat sheets) PDF file
Greg's Renaissance Dance Cheat Sheets web page
1651 Playford with music from a 1933 version PDF file
Del's Dance Book web page
Cecilia dance booklets. Excerpts from the Cecilia dance booklets

Notes on the Music

Other sources of music and dance books

NOTE - Due to a very low volume of sales I'm no longer updating the prices in this table. Please contact me for exact shipping costs as these costs have not been updated since Jan. 2005

Shipping & prices for CDs shipped by Eric Praetzel in Canada.
Foreign & Canadian Prices (Cdn $): US Customers (US $, Jan 05 at $1.17 Conversion)
Foreign & Canadian Customers
$2.00 per slim CD (70g ea, thick cases are 100g)
$1.25 per CD without a case (20g ea)
+$3.75 royalty on Inns of Court CD
+$3.00 royalty on Mock Hobby Horse's CD
$10.00 for Heather Dale's Marian Ensemble CD
$18.00 for Heather Dale's Trial of Lancelot CD
$18.00 for Heather Dale's May Queen CD
$1.50 Inns of the Court booklet (unbound, 140g)
$13.00 Joy & Jealousy book (500g)
$11.00 Joy & Jealousy book without sheet music(450g)
CD Prices (Jan 2005):
$1.85 per slim CD (70g ea)
$1.25 per CD without a case (20g ea)
+$3.00 royalty on Inns of Court CD
+$3.00 royalty on Mock Hobby Horse CD
$1.15 Inns of the Court booklet (unbound)
$11.25 Joy & Jealousy book
$9.50 Joy & Jealousy book without sheet music(450g)
$8.75 for Heather Dale's Marian Ensemble CD
$15.50 for Heather Dale's May Queen CD
$15.50 for Heather Dale's Trial of Lancelot CD
Canadian shipping
upto 200g: $2.15 [200g books]
upto 500g: $3.00 [500g books]

Foreign (airmail) shipping (UK, Australia, etc)
Note: Shipping prices can be reduced by not shipping the
CD case. ie 5 CDs is then 200g and not 500g

0-100g $3.50 [book]
100-200g $7.50 [packet]
upto 5 CDs: 500g $14.00 [packet]
Foreign Surface Mail
upto 5 CDs: 500g $7.25 [packet]

USA Airmail [3 to 5 days]
upto 100g: $2.00 [100g, oversized letter, 2 CDs no case]
upto 200g: $2.50 [200g, oversized letter, 2 CDs]
upto 500g: $5.25 [500g, oversized letter, 10 CDs no case]
upto 3 CDs: $4.75 [200g, packet]
upto 5 CDs: $6.50 [500g, packet]
USA Surface mail [5 to 10 days]
upto 10 CDs: $7.25 [1kg, packet]
Notes: A "slim CD case" is 1/2 the thickness of a normal case.
A CD without a case weights only 20g.
A "book" is paper upto 15 * 10.5 * 3/4 inches.
A packet is a small cardboard box < 60cm in all dim, < 90 in the sum of all dim.
A parcel is a cardboard box that is larger than a packet.

SCA Dance Books - General / Additional Info

I started selling SCA music CDs on May 1 1998 after launching the project Fri Nov 28, 1997. Things petered out around 2006 as CDs became less popular and people used the MP3 available or download.

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