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Note: This page isn't official in any way, just useful. I'll list any SCA group that wants to be listed -- recognized groups, households, guilds, whatever.

The following listing is alphabetical by kingdom, followed by inter-kingdom households and related organizations that don't easily fit the kingdom classification, followed by merchants and people whose SCA affiliations I don't know.

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Æthelmearc (WV, western/central PA, western NY)arms of AEthelmearc

Ansteorra (TX, OK)arms of Ansteorra

An Tir (OR, WA, northern ID, BC, SK, and AB)arms of An Tir

Artemisia (MT, UT, western WY/CO, southern ID)arms of Artemisia

New Links Being Integrated

Atenveldt (AZ) arms of Atenveldt

Atlantia (MD, DC, NC, SC, most of VA, Augusta GA)arms of Atlantia

Caid (southern CA, HI, southern NV)arms of Caid

Calontir (KS, MO, IA, NE and northern AR)arms of Calontir

(Bad link?) Drachenwald (Europe, Africa, Middle East)arms of Drachenwald

Ealdormere (most of Ontario, Canada)arms of Ealdormere

East (eastern NY, NJ, DE, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, NF, NS, NB, PQ)arms of the East

BAD LINK (Gleann Abhann) (Louisiana, Mississippi, most of Arkansas, SW Kentucky, extream western Tennessee)

arms of Gleann Abhann

Lochac (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctic and more)

arms of Lochac

Meridies (AL, GA, TN, LA, MS, AR, part of FL, part of KY, part of VA)arms of Meridies

Kingdom of Northshield (ND, SD, WI, MI, NW Ontario, Manitoba)arms of Northshield

Midrealm (IL, IN, KY, OH, MI, WI, MN, SD, ND, MAN)arms of the Midrealm

  • Middle Kingdom Coursing College (email link)

    Constellation Region (Indiana)

    (Bad link?) Midland Region Illinois

    Northern Oaken Region (northern, OH)

    Pentamere Region lower Peninsula of Michigan and Essex Co. Ontario

    Southern Oaken Region (KY, southern OH)

    Households within the Midrealm not listed above

    Unknown Regions

    Outlands (NM, eastern CO, eastern WY, and El Paso, TX)arms of Outlands

    (Bad link?) Trimaris (All FL, less Western Panhandle)arms of Trimaris

    West (north CA, north NV, AK, Far East)arms of the West

    Inter-Kingdom Organizations

    SCA Merchants

    Lost Sheep (people whose affiliations I don't know)

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